resonance: colin sick and dj wrinkles

Featured Track:

  • 21st Century Fux – Sunspirit [Unlreased remix] (CDr)

Featured mix: Colin Sick vs. DJ Wrinkles

  • DJ Love – Contact [Scissorkicks remix] (Stellar Music)
  • Horace – Stay In The Light (Horace Music)
  • Backdraft – Manic [Soto remix] (Botchit Breaks)
  • Clone – Dreambreaks [Coded Motion remix] (Resin Records)
  • Stabilizer – Low Slung (Plastic Raygun)
  • Silencer – Believing (Critical Mass)
  • Prodigy – Outta Space [Booty Space mix] (White Label)
  • Descent – Addicted (White Label)
  • Stereo 8 – Can’t Stop (Finger Lickin’)
  • Brothers Bud vs. Z2 – The Herbgrinder [Drummatic Twins remix] (Finger Lickin’)
  • Soul of Man – Outback (Finger Lickin’)
  • Aquasky vs. Masterblaster – Take it to the Floor (Shadow Cryptic)
  • Plump DJ’s – The Funk Hits The Fan (Eboville Music)
  • World Of Crime – Uh! (Ultimatum Breaks)
  • Stanton Warriors – Da Virus (Mob)
  • Stanton Warriors – Slanty (679)
  • Plump DJ’s – Creepshow [Soul of Man remix] (Finger Lickin’)
  • Plump DJ’s – Electric Disco (Finger Lickin’)
  • Alchemy – Bruiser (Bedrock)
  • Christopher Lawrence – October’s Child (Moonshine)
  • Velvet Girl – Velvet [Flight Attendant’s Mix] (Additive)
  • Alaska – Manhattan High [Original Mix] (POD)
  • Dimension D – The Dream (Casa Nostra)
  • Adam Dived – Deep Inside [King Of Spin Mix] (Additive)
  • Authentic Individuals – Stormer (BIT)
  • Blue Amazon – Coming Home [Transa Mix] (Subersive)


here are some images from the lil drive I went on last night:

pretty nice night for a drive, but i am getting tired of driving in the same places all the time. yeah, i am antsy on the island. i’d like to drive far.. far away. like down the coast of the pacific, to LA or something. that would be very expensive and time consuming, but i think i’d really like it. that’s what i need. but anyway.. i digress. time to celebrate.
ps: happy birthday canada!