resonance: nick gurns and ariz0na

Featured Tracks:

  • Chris Salt – Dub Sonar (Silver Planet)
  • Phyber – Project One (CDr)

Featured Mix: ariz0na and Nick Gurns

  • Porter & Blain – Surrounding Darkness (Source of Gravity)
  • U&K – Atmosphere (Confi-dance)
  • Datar – U [Instrumental] (RIP Records)
  • Blackstone – Superfrill [Ocean Wave remix] (Vapour)
  • Chab – The Chab (Gecko)
  • Thomas P. Heckman with Marc Romboy – Ultravixens [Voyager Mix] (Undercurrent)
  • Chris Fortier – Despegue (Dub) [Fade]
  • Cabala feat. Michelle Chivers – Vision of U [Nick Muir vocal mix] (Whoop!)
  • Cultivate – Broken Pieces [Max Graham remix] (Lost Language)
  • Angel – Kites [Evolution remix] (3 Beat)
  • Jaya – Excursion [Origin remix] (Inversus)
  • Marc Auerbach – Muke (Mode)
  • Aria – One (Fire)
  • General Midi vs. Hyper – We’ve Been Waiting [Fretwell mix] (Kilowatt)
  • Planisphere – Frogger (Green Martian)
  • Ron Houder – Outskirts [Hybrid’s Tech Funk Breaks mix] (Global Cuts)
  • 21st Century Fux – Sunspirit [Ivan Gough & Luke Chable-s Oreo Breakbeat Mix] (Inversus)
  • Healy and Amos – Bleachin’ [Hybrid remix] (White Label)
  • Ocean Wave – Velvet [Voyager remix 2] (Rhythm Syndicate / Vapour)
  • JunkieXL – Bon Voyage (Manifesto)

ariz0na – The Rush

here it is, this is what i have been totally, completely and fully buzzed on. and if you have not heard any of the music i have composed and produced yet, there are two original AFK tracks on this mix CD. this mix was a tonne of fun to make and features several “impossible mixes”.. which sound *quite* cool. have a listen and i am sure you will agree..


  1. Fitalic – Realistic
  2. Matthew Dekay – If I Could Fly (Madoka’s Flying Standby remix)
  3. James Holden – Solstice
  4. Pat Foosheen – The Unthinkable (Habersham’s Mah-sive remix)
  5. Steve May – Open Day (Luke Chable’s Quakes and Craters remix)
  6. Planisphere – Cubed
  7. AFK – Dreamcache
  8. DJ Gordon – Moonshine Boogie
  9. AFK – Magnetic
  10. Art of Noise via Brothers in Rhythm – Dreaming (Color Red)
  11. Invisible Inc. – Stars (Ambient mix)
Download: ariz0na – The Rush

resonance: dj bedlam

Featured Tracks:

  • Phyber – Expecting The Unexpected (CDr)

Featured Mix: DJ Bedlam

  • Fever – Distorted Horizon (Mechanism)
  • Replicant – The Conspiracy (Pod Promo)
  • Julez & Stone – Pure Science (Mechanism)
  • Andre Absolut – Digital Suspense (White Label)
  • Naveen G – Keeper of Five (M Theory)
  • Killahurtz – West on 27th [Sleepfreaks remix] (White Label)
  • Sander Kleinenberg – Soul Shelter (LMR)
  • Agent 001 – When Pigs Fly (RR)
  • Chris Domingo – One Sound (Teknology)
  • Agent 001 – Tektonic Shift (RR)
  • Infusion – Do To You [in 82] (Audiotherapy)
  • Emjay & A. Souter – Glow In The Dark (Cyber)
  • Descent – Projection (Release Records)
  • Bedrock – Emerald [Dub] (Bedrock)
  • Chris Domingo – Darklight [Thomas Penton remix] (BozBoz)
  • Psalt – No Start For A Change [Piece Process remix] (Looq)
  • Benz and MD – Wonder (Hope Recordings)
  • Steve Porter – Vodka Cranberries [Greyarea remix] (Nu*Republic)
  • Matthew Dekay – Higher Thoughts (Little Mountain Recordings)
  • Paul Hamill – Access Psycatron (White Label)
  • Steve Porter – Alphabet Soup (FDS)
  • Trancesetters – Roaches [Slacker remix] (Hooj Choons!)

pop the bubble, change the world

happy belated birthday to alison, who has the #1 rated blog in canada on blizg. yay!
oh yeah, by the way.. swimming last night at oak bay rec was the bizzomb. saturday i plan on hitting up the Sooke Potholes or the All-Fun Waterslides.. haven’t decided yet. who wants to come?! so far emmy and nathan are in, but the invitation is extended to anyone who would like to hit it up. sweet!

opening the can

the last time i can think of it overtly happening, it was in Bolton, near Manchester in the north of England. this was almost exactly a year ago. lovely town with some nice pubs and the odd nice club, supposedly.
the 5 or so other people i was with walked in the club. i was stopped for ID. i asked why i was the only one being asked for ID. they said it was random. right.
you know, in the past, when i have brought up these kind of things, i have been greeted with responses like “you’re paranoid,” “the world isn’t out to get you,” etc. not acknowledging that this is a real thing, that it is going on, that kind of bull[bleep]. encouraging me not to talk about it any more, at all. to sweep it under the rug, so to speak.
after they ID’d me, they demanded that they be able to pat me down and search me. at that point i decided enough is enough, and demanded to know why i was the only one being searched AND ID’d. the bouncer explained that it is random searches that need to be performed according to the management, but it really how random could it be?
somebody has to think, “oh! that would be a good person to search!” somebody did.
i was obviously the only visibly non-white person coming in the club at that time. i remedied that by refusing to pay cover, and turned one hundred and eighty degrees and took my exit. i let them know exactly what i thought of their “random” searches on my way out.
am i supposed to feel safe around that kind of security, the kind the instinctually doesn’t trust me? see ya later, you’re out of my life.
i feel badly for those in the states who are still going through much worse, and you hear about them all the time. my experience is hardly a lot to complain about, but i will tell you this: it made me feel sick inside, and it made me very bitter that there are many people who will not -ever- feel what it is like to be descriminated against in any way — not because i want them to be descriminated against, but rather that i would like them to understand what it feels like. i kind of feel like if you’ve been through it, you’re less likely to do it to other people, which is the reverse of internalized opression.
so maybe that’s bull[bleep]. maybe it isn’t. i’d rather people not -have- to go through this kind of thing. it doesn’t enhance life. it’s okay if one doesn’t understand how it feels. perhaps they only need to know it’s wrong.
maybe i’ll blast the UK and the USA for being two of the worst countries in the world for this kind of thing. blair and bush..
erik’s saying (not sure if he made it up) after 9/11 [not F9/11] and the security situation at the airports: “if you’re white, the sky is the limit.. if you’re not white, the limit is the sky.” though crudely hilarious (as erik is), it was and has been somewhat true. sadly. the kind of thing that is going on in the states right now, with loss of privacy and increased discrimination, if selectively reported on like much of the media selectively used to report on the past Russia and the current China, would make the USA look like a very controlled country. thank goodness this particular scary dictatorship has an expiration date. thank goodness i live in canada.
writing this has been a long time coming for me, but as time goes on, i am less afraid to write about things that are important to me. this is my prelude into what i believe to be a fairly important link for all to read, if you’re not white, or if you’re in the states, or if you’re into photography:

listening to: Dead Can Dance – Song of the Disposessed.