reference checking

i am doing some research on reference checking guidelines and i came across a “professional reference checking” [their words, not mine] company called Allison & Taylor Inc. they have some pretty weird written material online to do with reference checking. this is from their question and answer section:
this is bizarre:

Isn’t it illegal to ask about things other than title and dates of employment during a reference check?
No, and that is one of the interesting things about references. It is a private conversation between two people, your past employer and a prospective one. Anything can be said, regardless of what the laws are. Go to your local legislator’s office. They can find the most recent laws for you but remember, every road we drive on has a speed limit. When we are running late, if a police officer is not in sight, we speed. There is not a reference police officer watching over you past employer. Essentially, your past employer or reference can take 5 minutes on the telephone with a total stranger and either increase your chances of obtaining a new position or absolutely ruin them.


If my references are bad, what can I do?
A bad reference can be strategically dealt with depending on what is actually being said and to what degree things are explained. You need to first determine what is being said before you can develop an appropriate strategy. Depending on what the research reveals as well as the laws within your state, you may be able to take legal action. We suggest taking our report to an employment attorney for proper legal advice. Allison & Taylor, Inc. will be available to supply our research evidence and to testify in support of your situation should the need arise. Although we will not make a referral to a specific attorney, we do suggest finding one through NELA – the National Employment Lawyers Association. Additionally, very good legal advice and information can be accessed at US Law Books.

wow. haha! how does one follow the other? silly reference checkers.

resonance: ariz0na and nickgurns

Featured Tracks:

  • Fractal Wave – Let Me Echo (CDr)
  • Fractal Wave – Steppin’ Razor (CDr)

Mixset 1: DJ ariz0na

  • 21st Century Fux – Sunspirit (Inversus)
  • Duran & Aytek – Future Hope (Deep)
  • Datar – U [Instrumental] (Rip)
  • Porter & Blain – Thunkini Brother (Source of Gravity)
  • Mathew Dekay – If I Could Fly [Madoka’s Flying Stand By Mix] (Deep)
  • Luke Chable – The Shepherd (Vapour)
  • Matthew Dekay Band – Higher Thoughts (Little Mountain)
  • Sarah McLauchlan – World on Fire [Junkie XL Mix] (BMG)
  • Madoka – Distant Memories [Matthew Dekay Mix] (3 Beat)
  • Nalin & Kane – Beachball [Level K mix] (Superfly)
  • Josh Gabriel – Wave 3 [Charlie May’s Tsunami remix] (Nebula)
  • Cabala feat. Michelle Chivers – Vision Of U [Nick Muir main mix] (Whoop!)
  • Black Dove – Capsule [Ocean Wave remix] (Vapour)

In the mix: Nick Gurns

  • Underworld – Dark and Long (Junior)
  • Phools Inc – Light It Up [Deep mix] (Phoolish)
  • Mistress Barbara – A Gate On (Primate)
  • Chris Liebing – Analog On [Adam Beyer mix 2] (CL)
  • Pascal F.E.O.S. – I Can Feel That [WJH mix] (PV)
  • Rino Cerrone – Timeless (GFR)
  • WJ Henze – Daywalker (Federation of Drums)
  • Gecko – Flugmacheine (Delirium Red)
  • Devilfish – Formation (Bush)
  • Gecko – Boarding (Delirium Red)

Tag Session

  • Dan Corco and Fred Carreira – The Last Man (Good Life)
  • Size DDD – Nobody Listens to Techno (White Label)
  • Devilfish – Man Alive (Bush)
  • Heckman & Gecko – MKS (Federation of Drums)
  • Bryan Zentz – D-Clash [Slam remix] (Intec)
  • Oliver Lieb – Subsonik [filterHeadz remix] (Data)

oh.. by the way! we’re live on 101.9 FM until 3 AM. if you can’t pick it up on your radio, you can listen to streaming audio here: (requires realplayer).

why does this happen?

this happens every now and then, but surprisingly often. i am clipping my fingernails, all of them. i finish, and then look at them. fine. i look a little while later and notice that i have missed one fingernail. what?!
it’s always a different nail, too. this time, you can see in the photo from today that it was the thumb. well howdy doody! how did i miss that?
does anyone else do this?

resonance: fractal & charles paul

resonance on 101.9 FM CFUV .. broadcasting live from 11:30 PM – 3:00 AM with guests Fractal Wave and Charles Paul.
Featured Tracks:

  • Darkarma – Focal Point Blur [Fractal’s Underground Lair Remix] (Blueprint)
  • Formulate – Rising Edge [AFK’s Cart Before The Horse Remix] (Pacific Front Recordings)
  • The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby [Fractal’s Wonder Thunder Remix] (CDr)

Mixset: Fractal Wave (Thor)

  • Unknown – Unknown (CDr)
  • Mad Dogs – Sudden Journey [Ambassador remix] (White Label)
  • Ozgur Can – Weightless (Plastica Red)
  • David West and Inkfish – Aftermath (Source of Gravity)
  • Kung Fu Rodrigez – Streak [Chunked Up mix] (Spundae)
  • Killahurtz – West on 27th (Hooj Choons)
  • Perc – Closer (Premier)
  • Nathan Fake – Underberg (Saw)
  • Volo – Have No Fear Of Falling (CDr)
  • Vapour Space – Gravitational Arch of Ten (Fuse)
  • Nathan Fake – Adamedge (Saw)
  • Adam Beyer and Hendrik B – Perfect Match (Drumcode)
  • Chris Cowie – Frisky (System)
  • Tim Xavier – Skyline (Teknotik)
  • Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon #6 (White Label)
  • CJ Bolland – Horsepower (R+S)

Mixset: Charles Paul

  • Gadgets – Gadgets (Gothere)
  • Preach – South Expedition (Ascend)
  • Pascal FEOS – I Can Feel That [Thomas Shumacher Mix] (PV)
  • Bryan Zentz – The Crawl (Primate)
  • Thomas Krome – Real Jazz [Rock Hunter Mix] (DK)
  • Hertz – Take Something (Samuel L Sessions)
  • Danilo Vigorito – Orion Muzic (Orion Muzik)
  • Timo Maas – Riding on a Storm (Bush)
  • Marco Bailey – Karma (Primate)
  • DJ Yoav B. – Club Sans Souci (Teknotika)
  • Mucho Stylez – Organica (Bush)
  • Cristian Varela – Pains [Marco Bailey Rework] (Primate)
  • Leandro Gámez – No Es Otra Cosa [Oxia Remix] (Bullitt)
  • The Youngsters – Place, Race and Face [Agoria Remix] (F Communications)
  • Reinhard Voight – Protekt (Kompakt)
  • Anthony Rother – Bad To The Bone (Datapunk)
  • Andy Page & Babs – Oblivia Newton Bomb (Trunk)
  • S.I Futures – Eurostar [FX Mix] (Novamute)
  • Sven Vath – Cala Llonga [Ricardo Villalobos Remix] (Virgin)

thanks to thor / fractal and charles paul for fantastic sets. what a great night at 101.9 FM!