what happens at midnight?

wtf is it that happens at around 11 pm actually? time accellerates. i look at the time at around 11 PM and i’m like “okay it’s time for sleep in a sec.” and then i look at my watch again and it’s almost 1 AM! woah!!!
anyone seen fahrenheit 9-11 yet?

3 thoughts on “what happens at midnight?”

  1. doooood
    I know what you mean. A better test is to realize how fast your sleeps seem to disappear.. Poof! It’s morning.
    I can’t wait to see Fahrenheit… It’s coming out in Canada on Odeon Films soon… Can’t wait!
    In other news, well, tha Flames sure didn’t show up last night… grrr… I get a jersey and they’re gonna lose four straight. 🙁

  2. Don’t worry, we’ll play better Saturday. Keep wearing your jersey, dedicated fan!

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