this week in the world of davin

rather than write a lot about my week, perhaps you would like to enjoy it through pictures. everything from the aboriginal title and rights protest, to djing at hush with azim, to the radio show, perogies, adam and i buying eachother birthday lunches, and more.. this is the whirlwind that is my life.

on the spot

last night I DJ’d with Azim at Hush. it was a really good night actually. DNA played an opening set, and then I played some pretty fun music during my set. i played dreamcache and i think it has never sounded better than it does now. i think that means it is done. all the levels are right, the percussion is bangin’ and people like it. i like it now too!
it’s mah birthday weekend! if you are waiting for directions from me, i will be sending them tomorrow after i sort out the details with julie. so! stay tuned. 🙂
more to follow when i get home tonight..


Woah, I thought the forums were gone on moveabletype’s website. They sort of are. Can you find the link? I have not been able to yet.. I know that the forums are there because I am on them right now. For new users, it would not be so simple. Oh, there it is, I found it. That is, honestly, what troubled me the most about all of this.
The community, any way you cut it, has been moved to the back seat of the bus now for Six Apart.
Wondering what I am talking about? Read this:
I can’t argue with them on their decision to take the free community support and do something with it. That’s what business is good at and is half the reason we have so many innovative products out there. On the other hand, some companies PAY for R&D, which is what the community has been doing for Six Apart for a good long time. For free.
I can’t argue with their decision to make money on a great product. Hey, they deserve to make a tonne of money off of this software. However, their approach seems a bit wacky.
What this is.. is not an upgrade. It is a rebrand. New logo, new messaging. Moveable Type has shiner packaging and so they think it is worth more [than it was]. Which I agree with. It does look better. Is it worth more? It’s always been worth quite a bit, but they’re charging more for it than an iPod at the highest end. This price point is doom. The limitations are doom. The disappearance of community is doom. Basically this is an optics disaster in one of the most listened to and connected communities on the planet.
I hope their 26 employees are Public Relations wrecking balls and not programmers so that they can break through the walls they’ve put up for themselves.
By the way, if I was to continue running and upgrading moveabletype, the cost would be $206 CAD with no functional benefits. Yeah right.
Yeah. So what else is there for people to use? You can still use Moveable Type for free if you want. Once you register with them, you can download good old 2.661. Probably for a limited time. The new one is free but they don’t offer any support for it. And like I said, the forums .. well, I don’t even know if you can find them any more unless you already happen to know where they are. Weak sauce, weak sauce.
So anyways, we still got something out of the whole deal. But emotionally I consider the deal to be over. I may be interested in them from a business angle, but Moveable Type doesn’t do everything that I would need CMS to do, so that’s unlikely. In that regard, Moveable Type is competitively priced, but functionally falls short of other solutions.

the swan

lately birds have been in my life in a weird way. a week ago when i was hanging out with charles, this crazy eagle took two seperate swoops at a seagull for dinner despite two crows trying to take the eagle out and a hundred seagulls voicing their opinion on the demise of their unfortunate brother. this happened no less than 10 feet away from where i was standing. i left my camera in the car that day because i figured i had seen everything at clover point. argh.
here is charles’ description of the epic crow-seagull-eagle thriller, lifted from his livejournal:
I went out for a drive with davin tonight and we ended up down at clover pt. beefore hitting up alzu’s. (where we actually met alzu btw) So when we get down there, a few people are chillin some kites up in the sky, and we clamber down the rocks where i proceed to smash flotsam on jetsam. and we walk around to the main point and check out some green [bleep] and all of a sudden about 20 seagulls are screaming like crazy, making absurdly loud comments about each other’s mothers and davin and I are like wtf? Then all of a sudden this crazy [censored] eagle swoops down with a seagull in it’s grip. We go “WOOOAAAAHHHHH!” “that seagull is fucked!” It was crazy windy out and this retarded seagull is trying to flap away, so the eagle lands on some rocks, then some crazy mother[censored] crows start dive bombing him, and he’s like “piss off!” then he takes off, with the gull in his grip, and drops in the water, so he’s like “fuck, that’s dinner!” and does two fly-bys to pick him back up to fly off to into the distance with all these assholes chasing him (assholes being other seagulls).
hehehe! charles kicks ass.
but i digress.
last week i went on a walk at lunch time and discovered a swans nest and two swans to go with it. the nest had several huge swan eggs in it and the swans just poked around while i enjoyed a sunny day. so, i made friends with the swans that day last week. i didn’t have my camera with me, again.
today i came back to the place and stood on the hill, this time with my camera. i looked down and saw the female sitting on the eggs while the male sat on a bunch of dirt on the dirty beach. they both looked rather content with what they were doing:

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so long stylus

for many years in victoria, one could walk down to a place in victoria where it was possible to peruse the latest rave flyers, look at local DJ’s mix CD’s framed proudly on the wall, look through a selection of local underground branded clothes, or talk to a friendly DJ or store worker. it was home to the occassional brilliant import record, which you could listen to or even mix on the turntables that were set up. the store itself usually opened whenever the employee of the day woke up and figured out whos couch they had crashed on. that store was open for one last day on saturday. the owner and perpetuator had a great time with the store during its 6 year run, but knows that it is time to move on. in this case he will be working in the construction industry, making a lot more money. his name: scotty. the store’s name: stylus.

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this is stupid

i think alessa rejected my testimonial for her on friendster. friendster is dumb anyways, but kind of neat at the same time. i see friendster still getting quite a bit more traffic than orkut, which is also stupid, but cool and neat as well.
well, bye!