on the spot

last night I DJ’d with Azim at Hush. it was a really good night actually. DNA played an opening set, and then I played some pretty fun music during my set. i played dreamcache and i think it has never sounded better than it does now. i think that means it is done. all the […]

the swan

lately birds have been in my life in a weird way. a week ago when i was hanging out with charles, this crazy eagle took two seperate swoops at a seagull for dinner despite two crows trying to take the eagle out and a hundred seagulls voicing their opinion on the demise of their unfortunate […]

so long stylus

for many years in victoria, one could walk down to a place in victoria where it was possible to peruse the latest rave flyers, look at local DJ’s mix CD’s framed proudly on the wall, look through a selection of local underground branded clothes, or talk to a friendly DJ or store worker. it was […]