full moon in aberdeen

i am not waking up with the same kind of energy i did earlier in the week, although i do know why. i have a huge list of things to blog about from the plane ride back to vancouver from london, but i don’t have time to get into them right now. so, bye!

entry #600

it’s early in the morning, i went to sleep at 10:30 last night.. completely exhausted.. woke up this morning.. feeling not-so-exhausted.
had a really productive day yesterday. that felt good. going to have another today! after work i am going to Steve’s to watch The Game.. boy did Vancouver ever not show up for their last game.. ah well, series is tied 2-2.. Vancouver still has home ice advantage. Steve is Victoria’s Calgary Flames fan, and is the only person in Victoria to feature a Calgary Flames Flag on his car. what’s funny is that he drives this car to where he works, which is the local broadcast station for the Canucks! haha!
funny thing is .. if you like hockey and you live in this area.. either you’re a canucks fan, or you hate the canucks.. there is no indifference.. there is not a single hockey club that i hate out there. weird how that goes. okay maybe i dislike st. louis a little bit.
the picture was taken in aberdeen. funny.. i miss driving on the wrong side of the road! i love getting lost because i am so familiar with my surroundings here in victoria.

the unthinkable

it’s hard to make a blog post while listening to david cross at this time of the morning. haha, thank you iTunes!
i was listening to The Unthinkable by Pat Foosheen (Habersham’s Mah-seeve remix) but it ended and shuffle came into effect.
and now Formulate’s brand spankin’ new “Lonely in the Middle” came on.. really nice catchy ch00n!
time to get some breakfast .. it’s back to work today.

great trip

i am so glad i decided to do this. not so glad to be leaving! 🙁
i am at heathrow, taking a few pix here and there ..
you know, it is surprisingly hard to find a good dish of pasta at terminal four.
it is 4:15… i board at 4:20..arrive in vancouver at 6:55ish… in time for a 3.5 hour stay before my flight to victoria which arrives at 10:30 tonight..
hey … i think this means i can watch the canucks game during my layover in vancouver. radical! i’ll see if i can get some sleep on the flight…

manchester massive

i am in manchester — well, hindley to be exact, which is in the manchester area. the past week has been a complete whirlwind and i can not believe it is friday already. driving standard on the wrong side of the road (left) is normal and fun over here!
internet access has been very sparse at best and (besides) i am faaaaaaaaaaaar too happy without internet access over here. seriously. the reason i came on was to check what the score was in the last canucks game. and to find out more about where sasha is playing tonight in manchester. waahoo! 🙂
i am noticing a lot about types of branding over here — i’ve been taking a tonne of pictures. hybrid was awesome last night.
if it was feasible i would LOVE to stay here at least another week.

wandering london heathrow

i am at terminal one trying to type on one of those messed up kiosk keyboards. this keyboard is definitely going to last a long time but it is really quite difficult to type on, which means this is not going to be a very long post.
the flight from victoria left late. (thx air canada).
i arrived at YVR and there was an announcement on the main speakers for me. a bit excited, i went to my departure gate to retrieve my message.
they had double sold my seat. (thx british airways)
so i was on standby. i watched the beginning of the hockey game and they sorted me an isle seat which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, sort of. i was sitting beside this guy who was much too large for his own seat and was having a lot of trouble manouevering. i helped him get things in order, watched ‘big fish’ which was ‘okay’ while having half decent wine. this was all i needed in order to pass out on the flight, which i did! big accomplishment for me — if i was sitting beside the window, i would have been staring out the whole time.
the flight from vancouver was surprisingly short for a 9.5 hour flight.
i am wandering around heathrow terminal one and shooting the occassional shot. a few minutes ago i was waiting in line for .. er i mean i was queueing at weatherspoon’s food express when this lady just walked in front of me and decided that she could just go in front of me. british == good manners? not all the time. i gave her plenty of opportunity to rescind her position but she couldn’t even make eye contact with me. instead she made some rather poor small talk with the person ahead of her in line about what the world was coming to after we were all advised about a short delay of service.
i see the canucks took the oilers to skool last night, which means they have successfully defeated the super high payrolled colorado team for first place in the division. i think that also means edmonton didn’t make the playoffs this year, which is too bad because i like their style of hockey. unfortunately, that style isn’t yet polished — think an incubating avalanche or canucks style team. good passing, highly offensive. anyway.. good news for the canucks! waahoo!
getting some comments and looks on my hair. leah re-styled it yesterday. dunno what i am going to do without her — she’s the best stylist to ever have touched my cranky hair. she is moving to terrace this month.
later this afternoon i will be flying to aberdeen.
travelling light is an underrated experience.