harland – rivers

i walk the lines
move to the wind in time
the morning light shines on the dark place
written on their faces
we live in fear
“we’re treading lightly on this broken ground”
we live in fear
“we’re heading slowly into the rivers mouth”
I can feel love turn to hate
I can see hearts fade away
fade away
i’m looking for a view
to refuse the burning signs around us
where i will follow you follow me
and maybe it will lead us to something more
we live in fear
“we’re treading lightly on this broken ground”
we live in fear
“we’re heading slowly into the rivers mouth”
i can feel love turn to hate
i can see hearts fade away
fade away…

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running full tilt

i didn’t get any of my volunteer work done last night. that’s okay because i have tonight free and no obligations to anyone but myself.
i played 2 hours of tennis with jay carvy last night and it was incredibly satisfying. it was HOT last night on the tennis courts until the sun went down. then i had a chance to cool off. it looks like it is time to put the winter clothes away as i am just roasting in the heat here at the office.
i hung out with ria the other night. we went to an islandkidz meeting, so technically that isn’t hanging out, but it is at the same time.
after tennis, i hung out with kevin and we discussed musical direction. cool. real basslines are where it’s at, baby. i then went over to charles’ and spoke a few words of japanese with his roomates that are trying to learn english. that was fun! i want to do more.
me and charles bolted and went to hush to see yoseff and maria play and to talk to brent about doing a fundraiser event for islandkidz. i saw maria play, yoseff showed up 1 minute before i left (after being there for an hour) as he was out at 7-11 eating. too bad, because it would have been nice to hang out with him there. i didn’t even end up talking to brent as he was busy bartending and i found myself talking to people the whole time i was there. it was nice to see some familiar faces.
i got 8 hours of sleep last night.
i felt low on energy this morning, but the levels are up now. i have done some design work, which gives me energy, and talked to a few people. that gets me going. the other thing that gets me going is coffee. ahhh! evil coffee! mike fed me some coffee and it got me going. hot tomato soup, though i don’t need to be any hotter, is quite good as well. mmmm.
the picture at the top is of james on jamesday. he’s a commercial fisherman so he’ll be off on a boat for several months until he’s caught enough fish. see you later james!

nine inch naked ladies

the bare naked ladies are basically the opposite of nine inch nails. i mean in terms of mood. sort of.
life has been good. i’ve talked to a few good friends about what i was feeling on saturday night and i have sorted it out. it wasn’t terrible or anything. in fact it was satisfying that i could write so accurately about it on the über secret blog.
other than that, nothing is really going on in my life. i am worried a bit about over-committing to volunteer work as the time i have in the day is really not a whole lot after i leave work.
i haven’t been outside today except to do an errand for the company. i have done some coding this afternoon and made some progress on an important project.
i am feeling a bit like there are some cobwebs in my head today, a product of not enough sleep yesterday and not enough exercise in general.
yesterday i was a guest panelist and i gave the college i used to go to some advise on how to improve their business program. it seemed like it was a useful session. good program. recommended.
i have a 4:30 phone meeting, so it doesn’t look like i’ll make it out of the office today.. ah well!
tonight i am going to play tennis with jay carvy (jason-leo carvalho), talk music with kevin, get some work done on the DRC and CSEF fronts, and go see maria and yoseff play at hush. if i am able to, i mean. my priority for tonight is sleep.. i don’t really miss being at the clubs, but i do miss hanging out with maria and yoseff, so we’ll see. maybe i can get charles to come with me. we’ll see.
tomorrow night i am doing volunteer work at the hospital. that project hasn’t been visited in a few weeks. i would like to wrap that one up as soon as possible. i will start going in twice a week, pending there being enough work for me to be productive two evenings a week.
i am not a morning person but i have been thinking about changing that.
junkieXL is a god.
my camera is almost full, again.
what happened to my G2?
i am going to go into the future shop later today.
no. tomorrow, i am too busy today. they should phone me and let me know what is going on.
i received a very interesting email yesterday from someone.

restless and antisocial

maybe it’s because i hung out with such great people all day that i don’t really want to go out right now. but i am restless. i feel trapped on the island. i contemplated driving to duncan just to get out of victoria 10 minutes ago. but there’s nothing in duncan for me.
dekoZe is playing at hush and i don’t have the energy to dance. if i did have the energy to dance, if i wanted to dance, i would be there. that would be the place. dekoZe has never, ever disappointed. but, as craig worded it earlier, i can see it feeling like i am out of place, but not being so inclined enough to leave.
looking at the time and finding yourself in the same place 30 minutes later.
i need the energy of a big city. i feel far away from connections i need to make. in the music world i still feel like a spectator. maybe i should just go to sleep, however, i feel repelled from my bed right now. the nocturnal side of me, the night owl, is changing directions and it’s hard to tell when it is going to stop.
julie told me about this amazing summer solstice event she is preparing for tomorrow. it sounds incredible, the experience, something that i feel i need — but i shut myself down before she even mentioned that one is not able to invite anyone until after they have been attending for at least 4 years. i don’t know why i did that. if it was possible, i would go. that is the kind of thing i need, tonight. something like that. driving around victoria, listening to music, going clubbing.. would be fun somewhere else. here, everything is too familiar. i need unfamiliarity, i need to be overwhelmed, i crave that kind of energy. it isn’t here.
or is it?

white flag

well, today i decided i officially like Dido. her white flag song + video got me. what a gorgeous voice. i talked to craig about it tonight and he was like “dude yeah i know i am going to go see her in may.” i was like, “where?! vancouver, seattle?!” he says “no, victoria.” what?!
last time i spontaneously decided i liked someone, it was coldplay. and so in one day i bought both of their albums and bought tickets to their may 23rd (my birthday) showing in vancouver, and it was one kick-ass show.
i’ve found that there are, amazingly, still tickets left her mid-may victoria show, but they’re only being sold in twos. so that means i need someone to come with me. pleeease! anyone interested?

short but sweet

as seen tonight in victoria, blocks from denny’s on douglas st.
good eyes, jim! here’s my list for today:

  • kill bill 2 kicked ass big time
  • photography excursion with jim was mondo fun
  • hanging out with jenlucy == too cool
  • if you know anyone who works for the car companies that may be associated with the picture above, please feel free to pass this url on to them: /archive/002909.html
  • charles is almost done another completely über remix of magnetic (#2!)