on the table

i’m going to put some things out on the table here:

  • lack of musical production has got me itching to do more
  • i was musically exhausted after saturday night’s gig
  • i slept from 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM on sunday. i woke up and read for 4 hours, and then i turned my phone on. i finished a book that i had started reading 2 years ago. it turns out it is a pretty good book!
  • i am actively scheming for WMC 2005 with rishi savera.
  • luke chable was our guest on resonance on friday night.
  • 24 people came up to me at the end of the party on saturday night and talked to me. i gave out 24 promo CD’s of shimmer.
  • it’s pretty nice out today. last night it was too.. warm, summer-like, the first day of spring. i went for coffee with a good friend last night who i don’t see enough of. he contacted me, which was nice because i have been trying to get ahold of him for a while.. not for anything specifically.. but just because.
  • i am super excited about going to scotland in just over a week and a half. woah.. my plane tickets are paid for, my passport is sitting beside my tickets. i am ready.
  • i am super excited about work right now. it’s challenging but i am being quite productive and i’ve got my goals set for this week.
  • my demos are going out this week. my first one went to luke chable a week and a half ago. bedrock, vapour, release and baroque are top of the lists for the promos.

that is all. 🙂

ariz0na – Shimmer

unlike some of my other mixes, this one took forever to put together. like, a year. don’t ask me why, i don’t know. one thing that didn’t take long was the CD cover (unless you count the year i spent taking photographs for it). the cover picture was taken in january of 2003 in nanaimo during a full moon.

the songs on this cd are all amazing, start to finish. this is a cd with some real aurally shimmering moments, and after listening i am certain you will understand. recommended use: driving up along the pacific ocean on a clear full moon night.


  1. Chris Fraser – Posession (Traveller vs. Quest remix)
  2. Vance Musgrove – Squelch
  3. Voyager – Derangement of the Senses
  4. Hybrid – Visible Noise
  5. Hi-Fi Bugs – Lydian and the Dinosaur
  6. James Newton – Blackbird (Thomas Penton remix)
  7. Paul Van Dyk – Vega (Starecase remix)
  8. Blue Amazon – And Then The Rain Falls (Ocean Wave dub)
  9. Highland – No Way Out (Dub)
  10. Ecano – Run (Z2 remix)
  11. Qattara – Teardrops (Qattara’s Whey mix)
Download: ariz0na – Shimmer

the ethics of photoblogging

everybody knows that there isn’t a true way to protect your photos on the web after you post them. any viewer could rip the picture off and keep it on their computer for their own personal use, and this is very easy to do because a) the picture is already on their computer when they are viewing the website and b) the user can permanantly keep the image with one click. two clicks if the image is “protected” by embedded flash or quicktime or whatever.
so what do you do? i have that copyright at the bottom of every page. it’s at the bottom on top of the secret button. take a look — it’s there. i showed that copyright to a message board service provider earlier in the year after someone had been posting my images on their message board without permission and they yoinked the whole thread because of the copyright notice.. which compels me to think that the whole copyright thing actually works (and is respected.) well that’s jim darn dandy!
something i understand, though, is that i am putting images in a position to be ripped off. it’s kind of like putting jewellery downtown for everyone to see in the middle of a busy square, and then going home and coming back later, hoping everyone’s respected the sign that says “this bling belongs to davin! look, touch, but do not gank!”
so is it realistic to expect everyone to?
probably not.
in february, google referred over a thousand image searches to this site. i have no way of knowing if images were ripped off for evil use or good use. evil use would be for-profit (ie: using a full image on a poster without licencing it), good use would be not-for-profit (ie: computer wallpaper/desktop image).
now i am really not that worried about it, otherwise i wouldn’t be posting any images at all. my photography is mediocre at best. but i do know of several amateur graphic designers that will take any image they can find on google and use it because they don’t think they will get caught, and because they don’t think the photographers deserve credit because there are so many photos out there. i am not worried about any of my photos showing up on, for example, a sony billboard, because a big company like that hires real marketers who hire real designers who licence professional photography or have access to the good stuff in general. those designers also know about copywriting, credits, etc. so there isn’t a real big problem, just a slew of small ones.
does that sound better? no.. not really. but this has been 5 minutes and i am done for now. bye!

defrag more!

man my server’s hard drive is fragged something fierce. so if you’re checking my site and it’s down, or if you have a site on my server and it’s down, it’s cause i am defragging the server’s hard drive while i sleep. (yes i am that talented.) this doesn’t excuse you from having to update your site once you notice it is up again. vigilence, my fellow bloggers.
i noticed the site visits went from 790 on sunday down to 522 on monday because of this.. therefore there is 250 people that don’t sleep at the same time as me! CRAZY MAN!!
the logic audio platinum workshop was cancelled last night. it was being put on by Long and McQuade and eMagic was sending one of their guys down to talk about L.A.P. well fantastic, except they notified us of this cancellation (after taking our contact information) by putting an 8.5 x 11 on the front window of the store. good work guys.. some had taken time off work for it .. i hung out with nathan, craig and charles instead and we put on our own L.A.P. workshop in Boston Pizza. sorta. we talked VST’s and VSTi’s and AU’s and such. real music nerd talk, you know.
gotta get back to work, this is just a quick update to let you know WHAT IS UP.

don’t believe anymore

I never counted on this
guess that’s the way that it goes
you used to be someone I knew
somebody I could understand but
now I don’t know what to do
and I don’t know who you are no
all those things I hear you say
you talk that way you’re a stranger and I
I don’t know where to begin
don’t want to hear it again
I don’t believe anymore
and this is all I know
I know I’ve heard it before
I don’t believe anymore
and I remember your voice
before this happened to us
and I could see and I was sure
and everything was young and new but
we lost it too many times
and that’s the way that it is
lovers come and lovers go
when you think you know it just isn’t true oh
I don’t know where to begin
don’t want to hear it again
I don’t believe anymore
and this is all I know

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i went with charles to go meet up with this guy named ninjadano. we met up, connected really well, and it was good times in general. we did The Coffee at white spot, ate some mediocre food and brainstormed. what was most important is that we got to know eachother and understand what was important to one another.
you may be asking.. who is this ninjadano.. he is a rather solid breakbeat producer from duncan, recently transplanted to burnaby. i heard of him through charles, who played me a bunch of his tracks. really quite top quality, and the guy is only 19. good on him!
i sent out my first promo today, with a written letter instead of track and artist writeups. this is partly because i think a personalized letter would be more appropriate for one of my biggest influences in producing.
it’s saturday night and me and charles are making a mellow breaks cd. oops, i mean we just finished it. yeah! it’s called.. well, it doesn’t have a title yet. whut do you call something like this. it’s mini and mellow and breakbeat. minibreaks!