wow is my printer ever a piece of junk. i just printed out the cover for friday’s resonance show and it looks like garbage. ladies and gentlemen, i have a lexmark Z33. i think you get what you pay for when it comes to lexmark. this printer was about $80 a few years ago. piece of junk.
by the way, my mac is still kicking ass.
other good purchase: the radium 61. oh yes, so good. talk about a great keyboard – midicontroller. tooooootally changed the way i make music. i guess i am no longer AFK.. yet i am. but i am not. but i am.
hey here’s a bit of weirdness: Softcell – Memorabilia (Starecase remix). Yeah, those guys from the 80’s got remixed by those guys from the late 90’s and now it is finally seeing the light of day, sort of. i have got it, at least.
i think i am going to play it at the valentines party i am playing this weekend. oh yeah, parrrrrrrrrrrrty! and it doesn’t conflict with my radio show. and my radio show doesn’t conflict with work anymore.
when i was 15, i didn’t think i would ever volunteer for anything. i didn’t get the concept. i thought, at the time, that working was simply something you had to do to get the things that (i thought at the time) are really important, like cars, clothes, and general bling-bling. volunteer? why would i do that? i needed to spend my time earning mad-cash-money! i worked at randy river, a place plagued by heinous management and an awful wage with insulting rates of commission. i also quit the job after a year and a half, knowing that i was to move onto bigger and better things. and so i did, and so i have. now i spend volunteer hours at the 101.9 FM on-air booth and i volunteer at the hospital. it feels good to be doing things with my time beyond work. i am helping people and padding my resume at the same time!
but.. i digress.
if anyone liked James Holden’s Balance CD, which pretty much everyone i know did, then you’ll love Luke Chable’s new tune .. Quest – The Shepherd. really smooth stuff, brilliant production. i also recommend his other new tune called “Melburn.” Luke also happens to be responsible for the rather large remix of PQM’s “You Are Sleeping” which is on CD 1 of that Balance compilation that Holden put together. i have much more music to recommend, but you’ll have to listen to the show tomorrow night to hear it. yes, i have lots lined up. yus!
i want to circulate an 11 x 17″ poster for resonance so that everyone knows that it’s on fridays at midnight now. we gave out quite a few of the hand-held flyers over the last year. they were good, but now i want to get storefront window posters because, with the new timeslot, it’s worth fussing over. i also want to get a real domain for the resonance website instead of or because they’re long and basically nonrelevant subdomains. of course, you could still use those previous URL’s but i’d like something that rolled off the tongue nicer.. like or but they’re both taken. so. ideas? suggestions?


i can not call my angriness a mistake; it was how i reacted. my response was written feeling, which i think is perfectly fair.
my email was responded to by the president of rogue amoeba, and he defended the way things were set up in their program. i appreciated that he responded to my email within 30 minutes of me sending it. that means something to me, and i respect their efforts for that. all reports from krishen say that it is a great piece of software.
krishen gave me sarah mclachlan’s new album for xmas. in that cd, there are a bunch of pictures of sarah. man, she looks hotter now than ever. someone got her a great photographer and fashion / image consultant. or maybe she’s just got style, which is a pretty big possibility.
anyways, i found the following on her “enhanced cd”.. seems like they forgot to finish it:

Continue reading technically

rogue amoeba email

here is the email i sent to rogue amoeba about their software just a few seconds ago. hopefully they find it helpful. i took the extra time to clarify in this email because they are a small company and i have been advised that they pay attention to their feedback.

I am writing to you as someone who tried out your product and was greatly disappointed.
I am a radio show producer and host of an FM show in Victoria, British Columbia. I wanted to set up recording of the show so that I could leave home, the show would record, and I would come back and it would be finished all on its own. I set up Audio HiJack to do this. It did, but while I was gone setting up the radio show, it started recording and I assume a dialogue box appeared saying “You haven’t registered, we’re going to insert a bunch of generated static to screw up your recording.” My show is 3 hours long and this happened in the first 5 minutes. What a waste — if I knew this was going to happen I would not have used your product. And since I was only trying out your product, I now have no inclination to buy it. I am particularly livid that there was no indication of this in the first time set-up instructions. If you put a built-in schedule timer (so that the trial user doesn’t have to be around for recording) in your trial product, and an expiration-static-insertion-timer on the recording, how are the trial users supposed to see it? They will not see it until it’s too late and the recording is totally destroyed by the Rogue Amoeba generated static.
Let me make this real scenario perfectly clear:
1) Trial user downloads Trial Software and installs it.
2) Trial user follows first time instructions and sees nothing about audio files being destroyed by software-generated noise.
3) Trial user sets up scheduled recording without a hitch. Trial user also tests to make sure the line in software is working. All a success.
4) Trial user leaves because, to the best of their knowledge, they are no longer required to be present for the product to work.
5) Trial software starts recording on schedule, while the trial user is gone. This is the only reason the trial user is trying the product.
6) Trial software automatically and purposefully destroys the recording with generated noise.
7) Trial user comes back later to see recorded files. Trial user opens them up and is greeted by a few minutes of successful recording and then hours of sonically annihilated .AIFF files.
8) Trial user is livid because they could have stuck with what they had before and not lost one of their own radio shows.
9) Trial user feels cheated by Rogue Amoeba’s registration tactics.
Angrily yours,


the makers of Audio HiJack thought it would be cool to insert a large amount of “noise” in recordings if the program hadn’t been registered (after a few hours). fine, but they don’t notify the user of this until after the program starts with the noise being added into the recording, and since one of the main features of the program is pre-set recording times, it’s really evil.
i just lost tonight’s resonance episode because of their registration tactics. i was going to pay them for their program, but the way they went about getting people to buy the program is rather hostile. so eff them, they don’t deserve my money. craig played an awesome set tonight and i can’t say that i have ever been happier with any of my breaks sets compare to tonight. it was spot on mixing and all the tracks went together just how i thought they would.
i am so happy to be on at night now.. the daytime was just wrong. 3 hours is probably enough, though i was at carly’s birthday party just before the show so that’s probably why i was tired by 4 AM. we had a bit of a jam at the end with adrian and neil, quasi random resonance stylee. erik was with us from the weather room. by this time craig and charles had already left and i was deleriously tired. it was hilarious. if Audio HiJack wasn’t so stupid, i would have a recording for everyone to listen to. we covered a lot.

no resonance!

why no resonance?
because it has been moved to midnight! tonight is the first show and will feature a massive set by craig everett (aka dj bedlam) and myself later on. the show is 3 hours (at least!)
wooo! i am going to listen to the station now to find out what they have on instead of me.
some monks chanting. hmmmmmmmmmmm..
sounds pretty.. calming. but not so calming if you also have Chris Rock live and U2 live. pretty crazy man!

a letter from home

how little i read showed again, today in a public forum. i cited noam chomsky instead of ‘fast food nation’. uh, oops!
zandra and jordan had me over for a lovely high-carb vegetarian pasta + bread dinner last night. mmmmm thank you!
i saw ‘how to be a model’ last night with donna. you know, it is not that different from ‘how to be a dj’ would be, besides the basic skills of a dj (which are kind of hard to recognize if you are not into mixing). promoters, for the most part, seem to be a bit arbitrary when it comes to who they book, like model shows and the models they book. from this film i learned that there are 12 steps to modeling, a large one of them being networking — aka “go-sees” in the modeling world.
okay i could go on about the parallels but i don’t really have the time to. they are not the same. there is more rejection in the modeling world – of this i am sure. oh yeah, this film was not about supermodels, it was about your average-jane model, who is not necessarily internationally known at all but works on it full time for a half decent wage. they had a big section on getting pictures — one of the steps is getting your pictures taken. the next step: get rejected. the next step after that was get GREAT pictures and then try again. rofl!
dj’s: do a demo. get rejected (if it sucks or you have no personality.)
dj’s: do a great demo (or get a personality.) get booked.
well yeah. i said i was not going to get into it so that’s enough. if you’re a model and you want to compare your life to mine, feel free to email me and we shall discuss.
you may have noticed the icon in the address bar (some browsers ‘wont get it’). this is thanks to a link that cathie walker (cybersuds list admin) posted to the good ole’ list:
favicon generator
really simple to use and it works! cool, i say, cool.