so anyways..

that is done.. just deleted 400 entries, and imported the right ones.. there’s a new category (on the right) called “dj mixes”.. the next step is deleting the music blog, because i made it only for the simple reason that i didn’t understand categories before.. or how the category templates worked, to be precise.. but i do now. i was thinking i don’t want to have a dj site or a producer site, but i made myself a producer (afk) site, and there should probaby be a dj ariz0na website too.. but i am having more fun producing music and djing with it, so maybe if i could amalgamate “AFK” and “dj ariz0na” into just “davin” it would be nice.

random ten

here’s that top ten random songs from my iTunes library that krishen was talking about:

  1. Underground Resistance – Combustion Chamber
  2. Deep Space Organisms – Outer Moment
  3. Woob – Pluto
  4. Sasha – Artificial Heart
  5. Blackwatch – Foreshadow (Medway remix)
  6. Hybrid – Live at the Amphitheatre in Florida – 08-31-2003
  7. resonance ID take
  8. Subtech – Southern Chill
  9. Delerium – Innocente (Noel Sanger remix)
  10. Subsky – Four Days (Gil remix)

from a playlist consisting for 2582 songs at 18.5 days worth of music. whut does your list look like?


i seem to be having a lack of energy lately. i think it may have to do with just wanting to get things done and finishing projects, both at work and in my music life. progress. i need it.
formulate’s set on resonance last night was really quite good. we had some pretty hilarious moments in the on-air studio last night when the mic wasn’t on.. totally strange.. hahaha. mellow gold!?!?! oh yeah, the mic WAS on.. [bleep]!
anyway, today i am going to help my friend nathan get some cards printed for his new business, gonna work on a contract project, and watch the canucks game. and then tonight, i dunno what i want to do. i want a bit of adventure.. that trip to port hardy last week was good! i need more adventure now.
i want something truly unexpected to happen.

metabottle pt 3

the metabottle worked!
now i’m just waiting for an email back from that Rob dude. rob dude! email me!
i kicked butt in tenis tonight. working out at the gym on sunday night made a big difference in my playing tonight.. the racquet did everything my brain told it to.


a mountain in the nimpkish valley
myself and craig are recording the first episode of z00mradio, a show that is going to air on on the last friday evening of the month. it’ll be a monthly show and we’ve decided to go with a 2 hour show instead of a 3 hour because this particular internet radio station wants us to talk over top of the music every 5 minutes.
every 5 minutes. that’s a lot of talking.. so we’re going to try it out and see if we like it. right now on resonance we talk between sets, ocassionally over the music, and a lot at the end when the music is no longer playing and the show is essentially over. call it a 3 AM radio-experience.
i think wickedhouseparty just wants us to say their name a whole bunch in order to get “stickiness”. perhaps we’ll say z00mradio lots instead!
so, we’re recording the first show as i type this.. we’re recording the DJ set first, and then we’ll place talk over top later in an audio editing program. basically a 2 hour show will take 2 hours to record the music, 2 hours to insert talking, and then 2 more hours to broadcast. 6 hours total, which would have been 9 if it was a 3 hour show. kind of hard to justify when we don’t even know how many people will be listening, but we want the practice anyways. it will be good experience for us, putting together a monthly show and pre-producing.. it may lead to other things. 🙂

from port mcneil

that is a picture of my friend angie. the other day she dropped off a book for me that was about writing and marketing hit songs. i don’t particularly want to make anything resembling a hit song, but i am interested in the marketing aspect of it, and i am also interested in reading a bit more on the hit song structure, because it has always fascinated me how i knew in advance if something was going to top the charts.
i drove standard some more today in a desolate mall parking lot in port hardy and watched the canucks get thrashed proper by the minesota wild. erik predicted this, and minesota was playing like a team that needed to win, which they did. they are almost out of possibilities in minesota and they would probably miss the playoffs if they didn’t play the way they did tonight. it was a pretty embarassing game to watch, but i found out today that willie mitchell, one of the star minesota players, is from port mcneill, the town i am staying in right now.
todays workshop was totally fun and i had a great time. the students were really sharp and creative — i learned a lot!
tomorrow night is the hybrid massive show on resonance! woohoo!!!


i am going to port hardy today for 3 days! for those who don’t know where that is, or for that matter, where i live in the world, i live in victoria, which is on the southern tip of an island on the north west side of north america, sitting between seattle and vancouver. over half a million people live on this island with me. port hardy is up there, on the northern tip of the island. it is a 5.5 hour drive each way.. i am looking forward to the road trip!
don’t forget about the resonance 3 hour Hybrid special on Friday night. it’s gonna be supah!

spam from rogers

i just got a text message on my cell phone from Rogers about one of their new promotions. i promptly phoned them and informed them that, when Rogers sends me the next “promotional message,” i will be switching to Telus.
odd thought: some people take the elevator and then go home to exercise on a stairmaster.