fractured semiotic fields

today is resonance’s last day at the 3 pm timeslot. what a crazy timeslot for a radio show. it didn’t seem so crazy when i was briefly unemployed, but now that i work 9 – 5 .. it puts a dagger in the middle of my friday. i like working full time. i like having a good flow to my work, being able to concentrate on something for a full day. that’s when things get accomplished.
last night i was reading the post colonial critic, barely understanding any of it. my first impulse was to just drop the book, but i read a good 9 pages of it (a full chapter in that book) and began to understand some things, despite not understanding the first 7 pages that i had read. what the !@#$ are fractured semiotic fields?!
by the end, i had figured it didn’t matter. and i guess it doesn’t. i have lived this long in life without knowing what fractured semiotic fields are. perhaps i am ignorant.
still, it was interesting to read something i didn’t understand at all. it was humbling, even though i would question the importance of the words that were said. okay. i just looked up what semiotic means.
this is a word that most people don’t use. in the scholarly world i would assume it is tossed around quite a bit, as they suggest in this book.
anthropology has always interested me. for a long while i thought it would be something i would like to take at university. last night i decided i could probably get some good books on it and learn a bunch on my own. i was talking about self-teaching with donna the other night and how it has worked out for each of us. i have taught and learned a lot from myself. maybe i’ll do that.
part of the block i have with reading is not understanding every bit that the author is writing. so, i find myself re-reading paragraphs, wondering what just happened. i think what i must do in order to read books is understand that i wont understand everything that the author is writing; not all writers are great writers, and more importantly, not every writer is compatible with every reader. if i can follow along for the most part and get a feel for the context, i’ll have a better chance of filling in the blanks, which is something i never thought i would have to do with reading.
my turntables need tuning up.

ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaah

i just got a call from the lovely zeta at 101.9 FM. the board has approved the moving of resonance. the new timeslot for resonance is Midnight – 3 AM on Friday nights. and.
nobody is on the air after us.
meaning.. it doesn’t have to end at 3.
this rules.
thaaaaank yooooooooooooooooooou!

ohhhhhh yeah

i am back home. i haven’t slept (napping on ferry doesn’t count) for over 27 hours. time to go to sleep!! pictures.. some pictures.. last night i was more in the experience and less in the business; more on the dance floor and less watching the dance floor. what a fabulous night.
thank you for coming along, adrian! i surely wouldn’t have made the trip back without you.