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not that i have been in a bit of a writing slump lately, but i have been in a bit of a writing slump lately. by now i thought i would have Dreamcache finished, i figured i would have a song done with Angie, one with Anand, one with Nathan, one with Charles, and one with Justin.
i have this new keyboard now. it’s a midi controller. it isn’t working and technical support isn’t happening either. i have made a post in generally useful osxaudio forums but i have not gotten any response. i know there are people with the same setup as me that are using it successfully but it just isn’t working for me. it’s a USB device, the USB driver has been updated from the manufacturer’s website and all the installation instructions have been followed. i don’t get it. it’s pretty frustrating and it is preventing me from finishing Dreamcache, something i definitely want done for new years. i can make the rest of the song without the keyboard, but it is going to take a bit longer. anand is working on a remix of it already, which is an interesting bit which i will explain later after all is done. jim is going to have the writeups done for Magnetic by NYE which will be sweEeEEEEeeT. the Magnetic mailout will be an early 2004 blitz!! word on the street is that the man known as Sasha has been playing Justin’s remix of Medway’s “Trauma” which is great news. justin’s been producing for a long time, and me.. about half as long. but the thing to do now is build familiarity with our names amongst the DJ elite and extend our musical reach beyond Vancouver Island and 101.9 FM. i am set up to do more mixes at home now that i have a Rane Empath mixer set up with two CDJ 100-S’s and two Technic 1200’s. i did an ‘exciting breaks’ mix on Christmas Eve — a test run. i was really happy with it; i have some bits to sort out at the end with it, but the ideas are solid and the breaks work together. and the mixer sounds [censored] brilliant, which is great news because the real reason i have the mixer is to do a new mix of the Force Of Nature / Stealth calibre, the name of which is yet to be determined, but the tracklisting has been [for the most part] determined for a long time. long mixes, utterly [censored] fantastic tunes, and massive-scale flow. the idea is that it will be the new best-cd-to-take-for-trance-drives. oohh yeah!
i mentioned a redesign is on the way. well it is. the other things that are going on is that i am making a travellogue website for my friend pete. i drafted up a design today in about 15 minutes and i am really happy with it. you’ll see it tomorrow or the next day. pete’s off to travel the world, a tonne of places and its so many that i can’t remember the names or even the number of different countries around the world he will be travelling to with his girlfriend kirsty. i am teh envious.
having my brothers all here in victoria was totally awesome. it’s funny how we all act differently when all of us are together. it’s like this weird 4-person dynamic. i love my brothers so it was extra awesome to hang out with them for a little bit.


braeden enjoys the effects of a coffee before going on IRC
i haven’t been around for a bit — well yes I have, but just not really on the computer that much. okay that’s anther lie. but i have been sorting through pictures and making music. this is my second day of my two weeks off.
anand is in town now, and krishen is arriving tomorrow at 4:20.
and now, for your viewing displeasure, some IRC:

12:54:48 PM: *** LaserNinj (trilluser@cs107-145.cs.UVic.CA) has joined channel #rave.vic
12:54:59 PM: LaserNinj: I’m back
12:55:00 PM: LaserNinj: K?
12:55:34 PM: LaserNinj: Where has everyone gone?
12:56:36 PM: LaserNinj: Who will I turn to for validation?
1:01:04 PM: LaserNinj: Oh wait… I have a blog
1:01:07 PM: LaserNinj: problem solved 😉
1:01:36 PM: AFK: Oh yes.
1:01:41 PM: AFK sorts through photos
1:02:07 PM: LaserNinj: I have some big time photo sorting to do
1:02:28 PM: flux_ listens to Shiloh – Swerve
1:02:48 PM: LaserNinj: Did you konw that Shiloh was an old type of bread that is no longer made?
1:03:07 PM: LaserNinj: I’m really quite fascinating.
1:04:23 PM: flux_: AFK: did you save those photos from friday coffee?
1:04:26 PM: flux_: I’d like to see em
1:05:35 PM: LaserNinj: flux: I have some pictures I took of a coffee meet.
1:05:38 PM: LaserNinj: Would those do?
1:05:46 PM: flux_: no
1:05:53 PM: LaserNinj: Why not?
1:05:53 PM: flux_: I need davin’s pictures only
1:06:04 PM: LaserNinj: That’s a bit elitist, don’t you think?
1:06:08 PM: flux_: YES SIR
1:06:12 PM: LaserNinj: Where’s the PLUR there?
1:06:17 PM: LaserNinj: You should want to see my pictures too
1:06:19 PM: flux_ bends over
1:06:24 PM: flux_: it’s in there
1:06:30 PM: flux_: I want to write in your rave book too
1:06:36 PM: flux_: if you’ve brought some crayons
1:06:38 PM: LaserNinj: Wow, along with an undiscovered pigmy tribe too it looks like.
1:06:54 PM: flux_: indeed… it’s a party in there… the pygmies teach me plur
1:07:13 PM: LaserNinj: I’m surprised they can stop gagging long enough to speak
1:07:22 PM: flux_: what do you mean? my [bleep] don’t stink
1:07:25 PM: flux_: it’s like a valley of roses
1:07:31 PM: LaserNinj: Roses OF DEATH
1:07:34 PM: flux_: no
1:07:36 PM: flux_: roses of love
1:07:38 PM: LaserNinj: yo
1:07:41 PM: LaserNinj: No such thing.
1:07:45 PM: LaserNinj: Why do you think there are thorns on roses?
1:08:04 PM: flux_: I never said it was a valley of roses and rose stems
1:08:08 PM: flux_: just roses
1:08:25 PM: LaserNinj: Roses implies the entire plant, not just the bud.
1:08:36 PM: flux_: not in my ass
1:08:37 PM: LaserNinj: Had you said rose buds, I would not have made the mistake.
1:08:55 PM: flux_: rose buds mean small roses that aren’t open
1:08:58 PM: flux_: these are full roses
1:09:10 PM: flux_: just sans stems
1:09:19 PM: LaserNinj: That needs to be specified.
1:09:20 PM: flux_: the stems aren’t fragrant enough
1:09:23 PM: LaserNinj: Unfortunately, you failed to do that.
1:09:28 PM: LaserNinj: And hence, your confusion.
1:09:35 PM: flux_: I disagree
1:09:44 PM: LaserNinj: In the future, might I make the suggestion that you make the distinction.
1:09:52 PM: LaserNinj: You can disagree all you like, but you’re still going to be wrong.
1:09:54 PM: LaserNinj: Now, let’s move on to the next discussion
1:09:56 PM: flux_: just because you didn’t grasp the concept doesn’t mean it didn’t exist
1:10:12 PM: LaserNinj: What do you think about those sweaters people make their dogs wear.
1:10:32 PM: flux_: I think they’re a little tight and itchy

digital mind control

some updates of cool things that are going on:

  • yoseff is DJing on resonance tomorrow from 3-4 pm on 101.9 FM CFUV. there’s streaming audio on the resonance website so check it out on your radio or on the interweb!
  • hosting the radio show tomorrow means i will not be at the open house between 2:15 – 4:45.
  • i am going to see lord of the rings: return of the king tonight. wooo!
  • matt “the madman” / “poJaZ” schmitz is in town from Toronto! we went for coffee last night at aLzu’s!!!!!!!!!!!!! with Steve “Skettle” / “Iowa” Ireland.
  • coffee tomorrow evening @ 9 pm. location TBA, suggestions welcome!

lots going on!

clubbed to death

stuffs that yous gots to fo’ sho check out!
in victoria @ hush:
december 27th: dekoze
january 15th: braeden & ariz0na with kenzie
somewhere in victoria:
december 31st: SPECial party – sold out! (fortunately and unfortunately)
in vancouver @ sonar (presented by PH1):
december 19th: taylor
december 31st: steve porter (@ the waldorf)
january 9th: kimball collins
january 30th: Lee Burridge