random radio: episode one

last night was our first night of random radio. myself, adrian and neil hosted the show from 3 – 6 am last night with the help of girlrepair, sven, and mackdaddygurns.

9 thoughts on “random radio: episode one”

  1. just a suggestion, but you may want to chop that up to a smaller file. some of us don’t have room or time to download such a big file…I tried and gave up after 3 hours.

  2. actually, i tried the link this morning and again just now (12:16pm est) and it seems my computer can’t contact resonance.lefty.ca — can anyone else?
    nice looking mini-site for the show, btw.

  3. chrissie,
    it’s a 3 hour show, so if you don’t have time, then ya just don’t have time!
    however, 166 megs isn’t a huge file by any means. the original is 2 gigs.

  4. yes..it is a huge show, but you probably would be able to promote it better with 30 min snippets of the show rather than people downloading the entire thing.

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