drop the anchors

oh boy.. being sick really sucks. it’s kinda like.. whoah. i am actually sick enough to take two days off of work. i don’t think this makes me a workaholic, but i really dislike taking any sick days from work. er except for when i worked at Randy River. hahaha, taking sick days from that job was okay. i didn’t mind at all.
i have got the beginning of James Holden’s double CD stuck in my head. such weird.. strange and great music. i got an email this morning from his agent asking if i am interested in doing some radio stuff with mr. Holden.. the answer is a definite yes (of course)! the man is brilliant — there isn’t anything by James that I either don’t love or respect from a production point of view. Luke Chable has developed a sound that is (in some respects) similar to James Holden’s and i wouldn’t be surprised if the immaculate mr. Chable cited mr. Holden as one of his production influences. word on the street is that they have made a song together anyways, so that’s pretty cool.
the James Holden stuff wouldn’t happen til january or so..
by then nickgurns may have moved away! do i want to do a radio show by myself? hmmmm…… i have done it before many times.. less fun though.
i sorted through all my records yesterday, except for the ones that sit eternally in my closet in a wooden ikea box that i got when i was living in vancouver. i seperated the ones i am interested in playing (for fun) from everything else and i still came up with a fairly large pile of music. most of it is pretty straight forward quivver/chable/holden style progressive house, and also some momu/fretwell/starecase style breaks. one track that is really kicking my ass right now is a new one by Morgan Page and Gregory Shiff featuring Astrid Suryanto .. the tune is called “All I Know” and the M.A.S. Collective remix is [censored] huge. i almost said effing huge there but i’m not on the radio right now.. haha, so how well trained am i?
my throat has cleared up a bit, but in that clearing up it has revealed that it is incredibly itchy. ack, did i eat some nuts by accident?!?! grunt.
i still have that present for justin sitting on my table. i gotta give that to him.
other news:
the canucks spanked detroit last night, 5-1. they’re #1 in the nhl standings early in the season. nobody figured it would be last year that the canucks would rule — everyone said it would be this year. well, so far, so good. keep it up boys, see?
i haven’t been able to watch any of the games this season. seems like less of them are on tv.. i don’t have sportsnet and i don’t think i want to get it just for canucks games. although really, that would be the meat of what i would watch on tv. right now i don’t watch any tv at all.. i caught a bit of the 5:30 – 6:00 ish news last night and i had trouble taking the anchors seriously. i know they are paid to act serious. which is exactly why i can’t take them seriously. bye bye, anchors.

initial site design

i did an initial site design tonight in fireworks and constructed it in dreamweaver. i took the picture that the design is based on earlier in the same day.
the test site is up at /~ariz0na/museum/victoriabloggers/ with a very basic outline of what will be on the site. the core element (being the links to victoria blogs) is currently being powered by jodie’s blogrolling account.
please leave your ideas for navigation elements!

hallowe’en 2003

the devil and .. a guy with a lot of makeup face off. my money is on the devil.
what a crazy night. it was the night i had been waiting for all month and it delivered more than i expected!

first.. i played both formulate’s remix of magnetic and my own.. i put formulate’s remix on earlier in my set, and it went over really well.. stoked the crowd for the next while — there are some really sick edits that justin did in the breakdown and people really dug that. i dig it. yus!
i played my remix and it was received really well. i don’t know actually, people seemed to like everything i played last night. of course, one is more conscious of their own work and so i should say that people enjoyed it. it’s pretty wild watching people turn into zombies from the midsection of the song.

it only took The Artist 5 minutes to grow this quality beard
second.. the costumes. i went as the artist formerly known as prince, and was accompanied by an entire bodyguard team of trained professional killers!
that was tonnes of fun and i had never done a group costume thing before. it was GWARDEZ!!!! (gnarly wicked awesome radical deadly excellent zope.)

number one, james, the artist, kevin, and agent zero.
julie kevin leslie james you rock! more pictures of the group are in a new photo gallery, which i will get to in a minute..

looks like this vampire needs to go back to vampire school. safari sarah escaped unscathed!
the venue was really quite awesome.. perfect size, high ceilings, facilities, room to dance, room to sit, parking, etc etc. raaaaaaaaadness.