here i am again

with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many pictures to post.

miss innocent IDing tracks at resonance, slobadon (swedish techno DJ) in the background, spinning.
i am still kind of in awe at how fast a dual 1gHz G4 is.

colleen aka miss innocent spinning on resonance
really fast. anyway, this has got me inspired. alls i need is a good keyboard to play on (shhh don’t tell anyone) and come up with melodies and basslines etc. i usually do it on the computer but it’s really simply not as good.

slobadon aka staffan at resonance. he’s got over 30 12″‘s out. yowza.
i’ll do a bigger post later (because it is in me), but for now, you can know all is mostly well in my life and things are cool, man.

dual 1 gHz G4

yus! the dual processor board is installed. and another 512 megs of ram. tonight, i basically added another few years to the life of my computer. it took about 10 minutes. less if you don’t count the vacuuming of all the freakin’ dust that came out of my computer.
i’ll be going to vancouver this weekend to visit kristen. during that time away, i will be defragging the server, so expect this site to be down friday evening until saturday afternoon or so. or maybe tomorrow during the day. or maybe even tonight! who knows!!

speeding along

the picture above is of nathan’s brand new 2003 celica. yum. i hung out with him a few times recently, the most recent being monday night. we played 4 player snes bomberman and listened to rad music. ahh, mindless fun.
after beating snes bomberman at 4:30 A.M. (yesterday morning), i went home and sat in my room. i then proceeded to order a dual 1 gHz G4 card and 512 megs of ram from Other World Computing. this will be a significant upgrade to my computer (the server this site runs from) and is intended to extend the life of the computer by a couple years at least. it is currently a quicksilver 733 mHz G4 with 640 megs of ram. yeah. this is gonna rock. i have also yet to install panther (10.3) and i am thinking i should grab a 5 button mouse soon.

part of the reason i am doing all of this is because i want to take my music production to a new level. this is an investment in me.
i went out to vista 18 last night with cecelia. she phoned me — she wasn’t sure what to do, but i assured her she had done the right thing by phoning me immediately. she won $5000 at the casino and so we celebrated in style. we went through a bunch of clichés after, such as “those who say they never got a chance often times never took a chance” etc. that was fun. then we hit up hugos where it was agreed that it was a small town bar trying to be a big town bar. which is okay, i mean if there was nowhere like hugos in town victoria would feel really small. i go there every now and then just because it is somewhere i would never go a couple years ago.

travelling changes your perspective on things though — i mean it affects everyone differently, but for me personally it has opened me up to things that i had pigeonholed myself against before. and why did i pigeonhole myself? i don’t know..

it occured to me after hanging out with cecelia last night that getting to know some people better is inevitable. i find myself half-knowing some people, or knowing people in a certain capacity quite often, feeling like i am scraping at the surface. i mean, two people have to be ready to get to know eachother better obviously, however.. there’s also the inherent pigeonholing that people do subconsciously of others.
not that i am in any rush to get to know people better. just, these things are happening. it is the product of spending time and paying attention. oh, and asking the odd question here and there.

november full moon

these were shot last night from around 10:30 – 12:30. most are just time exposures, the second and the third feature jim on spotlight duties with a higher f-stop. none are modified. there are no pictures of the moon due to city light and cloudiness.. it looked much cooler on saturday anyway.

man on the moon

whoops! i should have been charging my backup battery while i slept. if i had a battery charger (for the Li-ion BP-512), i could do such a task while i go out today and drain my current battery. doh! doh, doh. i think that would be useful. what would be more useful is if my brain remembered to do these things late at night.
oh yeah. i finally saw the man on the moon for the first time ever last night. actually kinda looks like marge simpson.
now it’s off to go meet up with adrian and gurton for some sunday brunch. yih!

blumenwiese neben autobah

i finished my work basically when i thought i would and i didn’t even notice the hour go by. i love it. i have wanted to design for a living for years, and although i am not master designer yet, i feel progress and it’s [censored] fantastic. YUS!!
i should clarify from my last post that i am not planning on ditching pictures by any stretch of the imagination. in fact i plan, on sunday night, to go out on a special mission for more photographs. i did a bit of photography last night in the moonlight and i can’t really say enough that i like nighttime photography so much more than daytime shooting. i love seeing what isn’t there.
i plan on working on a breaks mix of Magnetic this weekend .. maybe late tonight. Magnetic was originally Caveman, and Caveman was originally a breaks choon so it’s a bit of follow-through that is necessary. we played formulate’s supreme remix of Magnetic today on resonance so that’s two weeks in a row of it. heh heh. maybe if i can finish the breaks mix in time it will be 3 weeks in a row, and maybe an ambient mix as well for the next week. well, the breaks mix is going to be semi-ambient i think. so nix that.
the title of this post has a lot to do with my sunday night mission.
so, i hope it works. yeah! full moon sunday night pls k thx.
the radio show was good fun today as per usual, and we had a couple of pretty interesting guests today — miss innocent (colleen) and slobodan (staffan). colleen is moving to vienna with staffan to start up a techno record label. really cool people. i only wish we had more time for them to spin — a 45 minute set between two people is really a small amount, even for techno. i want a longer show!!
once again i would like to say that, as Nathan put it last night while on a trance-breaks drive through East Sooke, ULRICH SCHNAUSS IS THE MAN.

the writer

i am really not much of a writer and not much of a gym person. yet i find myself gravitated towards these two things, working out my brain and working out my body. do i have a fear of laziness? maybe i have been lazy for too long.. the only problem is time. last night i said i was going to update later but i didn’t. i ran out of time. well, so what?
i didn’t actually run out of time. when i got home i turned on the TV because i had a glimpse at the TV at james’ and seen an advertisement for the Daily Show with John Stewart .. now on CTV. this is one of my favorite shows. good as ever last night, after seven months of my viewing hiatus. the only downfall is that it’s only thirty minutes long.
i just ordered ulrich schnauss’ “a strangely isolated place” album online. the mp3’s i have heard of it are not the highest quality but it isn’t that. this guy is worth supporting. the music he makes is unreal. i recommend it .. along the same lines as peter benisch, but possibly larger. huge music!
speaking of working out.. i went to another toastmasters meeting tonight and got up and spoke a bit. well, i spoke way more than i intended to, and what felt like ten seconds of speaking was actually a minute and fourty-eight seconds. whoops! i said “uh” or “um” three times, which i completely didn’t notice.. remember, i thought i only spent ten seconds up there. ten seconds is only enough time to say “uh” or “um” three times and that is about it.
stuff i am looking to do with my writing: avoid numerics, spell the numbers out as much as possible; do more writing, less picture posts; write faster — try to get a flow. and there is one other thing, but i forget what that would be already. ah well.
resonance tomorrow features miss innocent who happens to be in town for a bit on her worldly travels between new york and europe. she’s gigging with Lori the Hi-Fi Princess, someone who almost played on RGM several times but never actually did. miss innocent is going to be playing with her boyfriend er i mean tag-teaming with her boyfriend er. [bleep] none of that sounds right. okay there is this guy she is going to be DJing with tomorrow so it’s not just going to be her. okay?! plus we’re playing the Formulate remix of Magnetic on the show tomorrow. we played the original mix last week. so tune in okay?! 3 pm PST fridays.

you were the only one around

yeah here is maria the devil. i am going to be working on this post from mike’s place to show pete the moveable type system and then from james again. so this post will be updated in about 1 hour again. and then from home for real! unnh!
okay i am at james’ and now we’re exploring moveable type. aiiiiiiiiight?