happy hallowe’en!

yeah it’s hallowe’en! this picture is from the haunted house driveway out in sydney near the airport.
omg omg omg omg omg!#!%#^$%(
it’s hallowe’en!!
today on resonance is the first public playing of my new choon — AFK – Magnetic. a certain few have been privvy to hearing the tune and now it’s time to invite everyone else to have a listening to my first new song in many months. mastering was done yesterday by justin.. and also a killer remix which i will be playing tonight at the peak time of the hallowe’en all-night event.
uh, to say i am excited is a bit of an understatement. anyone that has been around me this last couple weeks can attest to how giddy i am about magnetic and the remixes (one of which is still on the way).

cleaning up

it seems like i am cleaning up every day these days. i mean wtf. anyone that has seen my living space will disagree with the existence of a mess, but that doesn’t mean that the stuff i have is organized.
it really isn’t..
but i am getting there. really.
anyways i am getting ready for the special night on friday and i’ve got most of my costume ready. it’s gonna rock!
i also have narrowed my djing set down to about 500 records. uh. crap. in about 2 hours i have time to play about 20 of those 500. decisions, decisions. i dunno man. i am just listening to a lot of them right now and i can’t decide. well, the good thing is that i can decide later. yeah! i am gonna do that instead.
for some reason i have found some serious satisfaction in finding a record that sounds like satoshi tomiie but isn’t satoshi tomiie. yeah! that rules. forbidden planet – holding on to you. yus!!
… [20 minutes pass] …
i am coming across a bunch of great music that i forgot i had. and some other music that i have that i thought would be good for this occassion .. but i have listened to it, and it isn’t the right mood.
ahh, here is the right mood. the light – panfried. yes!
by the way, if you have some pocket change lying around, you may want to check out this bit on eBay — a Pulsed Plasma Mobile Hydrogen Generator!! that’s right kids. break open your piggy bank. you could be the talk of the town.
think of all the cool places you could put such a thing. personally i would be mounting it on a helmet that i could wear while DJing. the ultimate in sophistication and individuality.
later on tonight i am going to go to maria and yoseff’s where i am meeting up with justin to listen to the formulate remix of magnetic! these are exciting times — for this i am practically giddy. i can’t wait to hear it!

above the city

these are some pictures from the sunset tonight. i went with charles paul. our vista was the local hill known as mt. doug.
it really looked nice up there. my friend nathan sometimes brings up his laptop and fires up reason and makes music. i’d like to be able to do that — the view is really inspiring.

i went over to justin’s (formulate) afterwards and checked out his remix of magnetic. magnetic is caveman, caveman is magnetic. basically it was called caveman as a code / project name. every cool project has a code name, doncha know.
macro night rock
maus over for those without the benefit of a sweet LCD display
anyway he’s just about finished it and it really really rocks. i can’t wait to play it out. plus justin is handling the mastering of the original mix which is great! i picked up some mastering tricks from him tonight so sooner or later i will be mastering my own tracks again.

charles paul is remixing the track as well — i hope to hear his remix soon. i’m pretty excited about sending this track out to labels and DJ’s with the remixes as well.

i have tonnes of pictures to post from the last few days. my camera has both batteries fully charged, so i may have even more by the time i get around to posting more.
i am headed to nanaimo in the morning so i’ll have to end this post here!

hallowe’en is coming

one week! one week! i gotta get my costume together this weekend!!
resonance is featuring hallowe’en tracks today, the spookier variety. myself and nick have picked out some massive hallowe’en tracks for your enjoyment today! no mixing, just the goods my friends.
i went to a toastmasters meeting last night. it was really interesting — it was everything i hoped it would be. a really positive environment with learning and fun involved. yes please.
i am writing to warm up today. i just finished a brief photoshoot and that was really quite cool. got some good shots in for a new website and that’s exciting stuff! plus it’s very interesting to enter someone else’s world visually, especially if they’re doing a visual art themselves.
now i gotta get into the land of productivity. bye bye!

october sunset

after days of rain and no hope of sun, it was actually sunny last night just before sunset. i phoned up jim after work, with specific intent, and off we went to ogden point.

the port of victoria

the unlit lights at ogden point

the birds of bold endurance

the last helijet of the evening
speaking of helijets, they look like so much fun! i want to go .. but the $150 one way to vancouver price is a bit hefty. i wonder if i can trade them drink tickets from sweetwaters, 11 stones, neptune, or the press room for a a helicopter ride.
by 8 pm last night it seemed like it was 11 pm. we went by jimi fritz’s, hung out a bit and had a rather broad conversation that included topics ranging from the usefulness of platinum to the number one hacky-sacker in the UK (which would be jimi’s son Dylan). we talked about a lot but jimi wouldn’t tell me where the hallowe’en party is — it’s a secret! even his other son noah doesn’t know. wooo! whee! exciting!
note to self: bring over copy of LSG’s “Into The Deep” for jimi to listen to.
other note: return the Peter Benisch “Sountrack Saga” cd to charles. 9/10!