P4 vs. G5

it was noted to me today from erik, who is an expert on all things speedy and to do with computers, that the benchmark tests that apple did for the G5 vs. P4 were not truly representative of reality. this doesn’t surprise me — companies bend stats the way that is advantageous for their own purposes — all stats are subject to interpretation.
here is a link to some of the tests that barefeats.com did:
now, just judging from the url, the people organizing this seem biased towards the pentium4 — why isn’t it p4vsg5.html or something like that? look a little further and you’ll see the site is hosted on a Mac G4. so take a look..
personally, i don’t really care which is faster, as long as they’re both driving eachother to BECOME faster. apple has been the turtle traditionally, but seriously, there is no benefit in being slow and steady in this race. this is about pure and raw speed. computers have become to the graphic artist what a ruler is to an architect. if i have time to think of a different way i want something to look on an 11″x17″ 300 DPI photoshop document while the computer is executing the previous edit, the computer is too slow.
it’s gotta be that fast for me to make magic with it. okay?! now computer makers.. get back to work!!


i came home from work yesterday and went to sleep. i just woke up..
hardcore!! 14 hours of sleep!!
i am never up this early on a saturday morning. well hardly ever. nobody else seems to be awake. if it is going to be a sunny day, i think i want to go to the sooke potholes. for once i am up early enough for it to be a superawesome full day.
i just saw some strange flash in my basement. i just think i should write that here in case anything similar happens in the future. it went from one side of the house to the other. weird!!

levels of intensity

i think that last night was the 3rd or 4th time i have seen baraka. they were playing it at cinecenta last night and i went with craig and erica. we bumped into julie, gerry, sandra, paul, tammie, morgan, leslie, james and monika at the theatre and talked a bit about the movie after.. but i think i need to see it again. it is one of those movies that has a lot of different connections going on and every time i see it, i find a few more than i had found before.
if you have never seen baraka before, i implore you to view it and certainly on a good screen with a good full-range stereo. the soundtrack of the movie is incredible. of particular interest is the power that Dead Can Dance’s ‘The Host of Seraphim’ holds in the movie. watch and you will see. if you have seen, then you know, even if you don’t know the title of the song. just intense.
today is friday, meaning once again i am on the radio. today at 3 pm, resonance airs on 101.9 FM. there is real audio streaming live from the station as well, which is available as a link from the resonance website under “listen”. last weeks show featured freya and it was a superb set indeed, very appropriate for the radio. today we feature AJ McEwan, a local drum and bass dj that is sure to rip it up.
the show is once again 1 hour — it was 2 hours for most of the summer, but we were essentially doing a fill-in for the show ‘pardon my french’ after ours. the dude who hosts that show went on tour with his band and had a rad time, and we had a rather rad time doing the extra hour. 1 hour is just so .. short. damn.
this morning i am in to work early. i banged my head on the van door while getting into the van this morning and i feel a bit out of it. i hope i come-to before any of my meetings this morning. i bought a bunch of new tea and some of it is caffeinated.
that should help.

labour day weekend pictures

and with no further delays..

white wine at dinner time (friday night)

neil at the dinner

welcome to the party! (saturday night)

flamingos at the underground party

yoseff and nigel haze




nick “the cockhammer” gurns

vj orion


someone is with the deejay oooookaay?

put your hands up in the air please! (upon dropping the starecase remix of vega)

kristen and craig (sunday afternoon)

rico in from the tea dot oh

mike/the truth and his girlfriend



lets dance! (sunday night)

the BoS!!




the idiots, true to form

marshall aka DJ Stallion at UVic (monday afternoon)

nickgurns and shannon the volunteer coordinator

kate at UVic

101.9 FM CFUV.. remember that.. aiiight?!


this is very interesting for anyone in victoria who uses moveabletype:
in fact, the whole meetup.com idea is pretty interesting. i have always been into online geek real life conferencing (or “meets” as they are referred to by most people) and this is a neato looking tool for such planning. if you are in victoria, and you have not joined this bit yet, do it! we’ll have a moveabletype international meet, pending 5 people or more sign up. i know you’re out there! let’s do it! come on! woo!
here is the email you get when you sign up:

Thank you for signing up…
We will keep you updated via email!
International Movable Type Meetup Day
Monday, September 8 @ 7:00PM
In up to 561 towns (anywhere that at least 5 people sign up)
The exact local venue is up for a vote.
We will keep you updated via email.
MT Users and friends

that labour day weekend update is still on the way, by the way. way. i just have so many pictures.. it takes time. i have noticed the disappointing inventory scalability of iPhoto getting in the way of the speed that i post pictures and the like. i am incredibly organized with it, however.. which is a fair trade off, for the time being.
just imagine my weekend for now. a headlining slot at a rave, a house party with old friends who have come back to victoria from all over the world, and exposing the 1st year students at UVic to a new radio station that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students don’t even know exists.