weekend shots

here are some shots from the last 48 hours.

myself and braeden headlined hush on friday night

kenzie started off the night with some haus!

pezguy and slurry

sarah appears at hush

it was charles paul’s birthday on friday. happy birthday, charles!

keep moving!

braeden djing

there was an awesome crowd out on friday night

yes! one of the most fun night’s i have had DJing in recent memory!

travelling to vancouver hours after the shots from above

mist on the gulf islands

arriving at the US-Canada border. standard tourist fodder

international boundary

well this is it. this is seattle minus the space needle. traffic lights, billboards, shiny buildings, street lights.

possibly the weirdest thing i have found in any bathroom anywhere. he didn’t build the toilet, it was just dedicated to him. “here, have crap from 2 million people! we love you!” whut?!

back to vancouver. the control tower in tsawwassen at the ferry terminal.

welcome to the ferry that goes to nanaimo late at night from tsawwassen. keep moving.

moored in tsawwassen

massive departure to nanaimo!

the rotation of the ferry provides for some neat blurring of the sky and moon

not in service

self landscape

making an enemy of the future

i can’t believe i am back here in my room, 24 hours after my last update. since then, i slept a bit, got up, went to vancouver, went to seattle, came back to vancouver, went to nanaimo, and then came back here to victoria.
i managed to get some neat shots in, one of which is probably the photo i am most proud to have taken to date — of course it’s an NTL [night time lapse] shot.
time to crash!!


well i worked all week, some extra hours, got tonnes done, still not as much as i wanted to get done.
i got home from work 2 hours ago, i have burned 2 cd’s, made a tape, printed off 10 pictures. wewt! headed over to andreas to check out her “eyeball” video. hmmmmmmm!
tonight i am off to hush to DJ tonight with braeden and kenzie! sweeeeeeeeet!
tomorrow AM i am headed to Vancouver and then Seattle. whew!


i left work at about 8:30 tonight.. listened to my voicemail. station manager randy from 101.9 FM left a message saying that they are pre-empting resonance just for tomorrow to do a live broadcast of .. i am not sure what. that’s okay, we rescheduled neofunkcian to the 26th and marlee will still be playing the 19th.
i’ll be DJing down at hush tomorrow (september 12) night, laying down the massive choons with braeden and kenzie (aka the sorceress) so if you really like to rock the funky beats, come down and we’ll serve ’em up in true progressive style!

iPod suggestion

here is my feedback-letter to Apple re: new 40 gig iPods:

40 gigs is amazing. I have a minidisc recorder that can’t even come close.. however, my MD can RECORD audio, so recording interviews and my DJ sets is possible. I can not do that with the current models of the iPod — the iPod lacks an audio-in port. There are other MP3 players on the market that already have .WAV or .AIFF recording abilities, but I’d like to support Apple’s iPod, especially considering the volume of storage space.
The advantages to recording directly to .AIFF are huge. I could transfer the audio files of my radio interviews directly to my G4 733 tower and do the sound editing and mastering without having to re-record from the minidisc to the computer — time consuming and potentially a pain in the butt considering OSX isn’t the best for recording live audio (OS9 fared much better, but it was still time consuming all the same.)
Additionally, some of my live headlining slot DJ sets go for up to 3 hours — far too long for a MiniDisc. An iPod that is able to handle live audio input and record it to .AIFF through dual RCA’s or a headphone jack (like the MiniDisc players) would be ideal because there would be no compression and I wouldn’t lose another 3 hours re-recording it to my G4 tower. I could also use it as a handy solution to record my radio show directly from my radio station.
The iPod could become the rockstar or DJ’s best friend with this ability. You would definitely have more of my money.
Best regards,
Davin Greenwell
dj ariz0na
CFUV 101.9 FM
host, producer, resident dj

hopefully this strikes a beatmatch with their inner DJ. i’d love to be able to do all of this. you’d see a lot more recorded sets posted to the website — i just don’t have the time to re-record my sets from minidisc to computer.

lowlight shooting

here’s an answer to sim’s query about low-light shooting with a digital camera, specifically the model up from mine, the canon powershot g3 (quite a nice camera, but would you believe the powershot g5 is already out!?)
sim, you can take better shots in low light with a g3 than a g2 because it has better noise-processing capabilities when dealing with the higher iso’s. there’s no secret really, i have taken around 11,000 shots since december. some of them are blurry as all heck, some are not. basically i have gotten better at holding the camera with almost absolute stillness. i have a tripod but i rarely use it unless i plan out an adventure ahead of time.
so far as the glowing night shots go, the camera has to be ultra still for the 15 second shots. it doesn’t matter if it is on a tripod or sitting on a fence-post — any movement will be picked up.. even vibrations from pressing the shutter button. so i use a timer unless the camera is lodged securely. even with a tripod i use the timer to remove movement.
for those 15 second time exposures, try shooting with a 2.0 F stop if you can. depending on the lighting you may have to increase the aperture if it appears flooded by light polution.. i find a midrange aperture (on the powershot, that means around 4.5) best for shooting night time scenes that are lit up by street lights or interior lights (see this picture and this other one near the bottom of the post). if you are shooting something that is glowing with ambient light, i recommend dropping all the way down to 2.0 to really pick up the crazy vibrant glowing effect (see this picture and this other one).
the nighttime mode, as krishen recommend, can give you some damn cool effects, especially in clubs. it flashes for a quick moment, and then holds the shutter open again for a second afterwards (see this picture). i think it’s called a ‘second curtain’ and with the g5 you can control more aspects of the timing of the flash. (that is really cool.) in this picture, i have the benefit of using the club’s strobe light as the flash, so you can not see the person’s hand moving around — it picks up the people as they are still and holds the shutter open to collect any additional movement by things bright enough to penetrate the image. sometimes there is enough light to get one clear picture of a moving object, and within the same picture, another image of the moved object or person (see these pictures, the fourth one down specifically).
everything i learned is pretty much from julie (who answered quite a few questions the first night i had the camera) and jim (who has been with me while i have done a bunch of these shots and giving me pointers). jim is currently not with a public site right now so i can’t link you to his pictures unfortunately but i have drained his brain on more than a few occassions on the subject of cameras, and specifically mine.
i mean, i know nothing about cameras.
this is my first one, i have had just over half a year. but i rarely go anywhere without it. you never know when you’re going to see something incredibly cool.
always experiment. you are not wasting film, a subject i have never been familiar with.
hope this helps!

in preparation for pirate day

in preparation for talk like a pirate day, september 19th, we must know our own pirate names so that we may address ourselves in the third person.
what is your pirate name? mine is..

Iron William Vane
A pirate’s life isn’t easy; it takes a tough person. That’s okay with you, though, since you are that person. You tend to blend into the background occaisionally, but that’s okay, because it’s much easier to sneak up on people and disembowel them that way. Arr!

take the test! arrr!!!
pirate name generator quiz

this chair be high says i!!

september 19th is talk like a pirate day so don’t forget to pull out your outlandish vernacular on this very special upcoming date.

john wants YOU to talk like a pirate on september 19th!
i saw pirates of the carribean on the weekend. as predicted (by me), johnny depp was rad in the film and (of course) stole the show. not that anyone else had a chance..
the acting was great, the governors daughter was mega hot, the special effects were superb and the whole mood of the film was quite cool. it clocked in at 2 hours and 23 minutes, but that isn’t long enough in my books. yeah yeah, i like movies to be at least 3 hours if they’re good ones. only the bad ones need be shorter than 2 hours.

colin contemplates life without the muffin
colin is applying for work in the uk and is planning on moving in the next month or two. i’ll be sad to see him go but i understand the situation he is in with regards to employment and victoria. it’s tough out here!!

those look like japanese frames. are those japanese frames on emmy?
i’ll be going for coffee with emmy tonight. last time we went it was for spyguy’s going-away. although spyguy didn’t know about it until too late (he had made plans to play video games) we still made a ‘toast’ to him with our coffee-like drinks and drank said drinks to his success. he is spending his first full day in vancouver today.

erik gives the essential obvious expression to the camera
when i say i am going for coffee, that doesn’t mean i am drinking coffee. i rarely actually drink coffee when i ‘go for coffee’. it’s more like, i am going to this place, and the place sells coffee, which some people may purchase. ya got it?

justin smiles for the camera
justin gave me a CD today with 2 new tracks from DJ Brian and John Kelley under the moniker of “Phonetik” — both rather large breakbeat tracks. i am not sure what record labels these will be coming out on, if any at all.. but they’re great tracks and they’re more of what i need in order to do another giant www.protonradio.com featured artist mix. the highlight on the CD is the Phonetik remix of Formulate (Justin)’s “Johnny Brooklyn” which is given the impossibly large sireny breakbeat treatment in the finest order. the final track on the CD is the new Formulate track called “No More” — very percussive, solid track.
nathan played me some of his new tracks last night. i have lost count of how many he has made. i haven’t made anything in a long time. not that i am not inspired, i just don’t have time to sit down and make music like i would like to. soon enough.. soon enough..
at work i listen to tracks, all possible pieces in the puzzle of my next mix or CD. i have found quite a few gems and i am refining the lineup for my next CD in particular. i am very close to being done.. pretty exciting!