here we go!

i went to thetis lake yesterday evening after work. i thought it was going to be a bit cold, but it was not at all. it was surprisingly warm and not even cold enough to be referred to as invigorating. don’t get me wrong, it was extremely refreshing! we dried off, watched the sun set, had a Cold One and ate sandwiches. it was wonderful and a nice way to end a work-filled day. after a great night of swimming and mostly lounging at thetis lake last night, i went home to mess further with my hard drive’s fragmentation. in the last few weeks, there are 10,000 new file fragments. wtf?! this is not normal. it isn’t.
i don’t think it is anyway.
in any case, freya is the special guest on resonance today and i’m looking forward to her spin on the etheric link sound. always a lovely set from that lady!
the weekend coming up is the Labour Day weekend and everyone and their dog has something SPECial planned. i will be DJ the 12:30 – 3:00 a.m. slot at a sataurday night main event.. something i have been looking forward to for some time.
lately i seem to be getting the headline spots at raves and clubs in victoria, and of course on my own radio show.. which is nice. i have been collecting peak-time music on vinyl and CD for a long time so i am more than ready to lay down the blistering beats and ferocious basslines. i have studied the art of the peak-time set for the last 6 years and have spent countless hours mulling over what makes people want to dance longer and more versus what makes people want to go home and go to sleep in their nice warm bed. i have run up and down through my catalog of music, selecting the tracks that will stoke, the ones that will bend your mind, and the ones that will give you a momentary release you from all this tension. i think in soundscapes..
..and then there is the programming..
i’ll save that for another day.
i must depart work and drive to the radio station.. resonance is on the air in 34 minutes!!

mars needs women

so while you were asleep or watching TV or whatever it is you do, i went out to see mars… as i type this, mars is closer to earth than than we will ever see again in our lifetimes. i hope everyone was able to escape the light polution and check it out. cool indeed. the third picture down is mars itself. the white blip on the bottom is the southern polar ice cap. huge.

on strike

that’s it!
i am not updating my website (besides this entry) because none of my friends are updating theirs.. they’re just waiting for me to update mine so they can look at it and not update their own. well to heck with them all! damn you and such, i say! update your damn sites! grrrrrrr!!!!

arnold vs. mary

erik was crawling around the web and found this gem of a candidate for California Governor… — oh yes, it’s true.
do you know marycarey? well, who cares. have a look at the competition..
well. i have looked around for it, and i have, so far, failed to find any sort of platform for arnold. mary carey definitely has some platforms, and a couple of politcal views too. perhaps her philosophy can retroactively dismantle the current $400+ million debt California owes to BC. probably not. still, you have to appreciate that at least somewhere in the world, the weaknesses of democracy are being exploited far worse than they are here.

friday bonanza!

we had dinner last night at the fireside grill. not much of a view outside, but it was nice enough. the seating outside was tempting, however we had an opportunity to have an entire floor of the restaurant virtually to ourselves…
and so we did:

the food was completely excellent and the service was timely and overall, stellar. i wholeheartedly recommend this little place. it is in royal oak.
these days i am taking more pictures than i know what to do with . . and not just crud pictures, but pictures i really like. some of them i will never post, and that is fine, but i have a tonne in the cue which threaten to make my pictures noncurrent. i don’t want to make this site noncurrent with its photos, so here’s another picture, this time from the airport the night before.. i think. some may recognize the composition of this picture from a previous and recent entry, but it’s way more recent, of a different plane, not shopped and sorry CRT users, this picture, like the rest of my pictures, looks way better on a 17″ viewable studio LCD:

this picture was taken from the same spot, but much later at night and this is a dash 8 landing. a dash 8 is a turbo prop plane. the other image shows a 737 landing, and as you can see, there’s a completely different curve for the descent to the runway. the 737 is a turbo fan plane.
the trip to vancouver today was exciting — i had been excited since it was announced earlier in the week. i learned a lot, spoke a bit, and it felt very productive without being at all stuffy and there was no hint of any teeth pulling whatsoever. it was a fun experience and it’s just so sweet to do what i do for a living.
awwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaah!
it’s time for the weekend!

2 rabbits

whoah. i am particularly exhausted today. i played tennis TWO times today, which was sweet.. i also got my euroshades in order for my vancouver trip (friday day time).
well, i am just a bunch of boring tonight. so analyse this picture, will you, and i will sleep. good night.

superstar producers

so in one sphere of reality, you have the global underground messageboard and their producer scene. and here they are, messing with eachother and washing their dirty laundry in public:
Bill Hamel (Technology / Sunkissed Records owner) and BT’s Soapbox Fiasco.
people arguing about.. well, to be honest, i read the first 2 pages of the thread and then i had enough. if i was bored enough, it probably would have been really hilarious. i talk to Roman on IRC every now and then, and Hamel as well. it’s not as if either of them need anyone to take sides.. i think most of the traffic in the thread is people egging them both on. i didn’t read enough to find out whether or not BT got in on the thread itself as well.

and on the other hand, you have this tight little local scene of producers in the small little sphere of victoria (and a bit from vancouver). i made a list of local producers whose quality music we have played on the radio in the last 2 months, and it’s rather large. in fact, here, have a look at the message from the message board:
that’s pretty cool actually. when i first started on cfuv 4 years ago, there was very little in terms of local music which was playable. these days, we are faring far better and it’s really quite cool. we now have a complete scene.

as if

as if it was not completely [censored] awesome at the potholes yesterday! apparently next week is supposed to be nicer than this week .. by nicer, i mean hotter. which means, by next week, i will be more sookepotholesier.

myself and richard went up to The Place (repple rock) which features a Tire Swing and a sweet natural swimming area. as you can see below, the Tire Swing detail of the location was being utilized properly:

a big version is available by clicky-clicking. there. i just broke my own usability rule by telling you to click. are you happy? damnit.. you should always mouse over my images to see if you can click, or to see if something else is there. got it?! i am never saying click again. until.. never!

awwwwwwwwwww yeah. look how bent that tree is. look at the vert. YES!

this place is home of the skipping rocks. i am serious. the whole beach is made out of them.. and you can swim out to this sandbarish thing which is basically composed of them.

the depth of field is slightly off here but you should get the idea. awesome rocks everywhere. we stayed a lot longer than i thought we would.. this part of the potholes stays light a good couple hours longer than the rest of the potholes, which mainly lay in a canyon. this part of the potholes features a wide open valley between canyons. bonus!

the (long) road back to the parking lot is made of gravel. some asshole in an SUV drove past us at about 40 kmph and created a dustcloud that rose about 40 feet up in the air.. and happened to produce the necessary elements for this image.
thank you, jerk.

and this mark of ugliness is being preserved by a fence, some trailers and a white Dog which i refuse to show here. if they did not fence off the Lodge, i could have shown you some seriously rad angles. i am not sure when i will have this opportunity again.. alas!
i intend to go to the potholes more this summer. if you know me and are interested, message me and we will hook this up. seriously, it is sweet. you will not regret it.