light show tonight

tonight is victoria’s annual installment of luminara, an event i have only heard of — never been to. the image above is from a month ago when krishen visited victoria and people were making little floating lanterns at twilight on gonzales beach. krishen took this picture, i think!
take a look at this description from the luminara victoria website:

“Imagine if you will, a stroll in the park on a warm summer night, the darkness gently pushed back by the glow of thousands of colourful handmade lanterns. While many are carried by those who attend the event, many more are part of the numerous and imaginative installations scattered throughout the park. They tantalize with their intoxicating blend of shadow, light and colour. Accoustic music gently drifts through the park while performance artists and dancers set light in motion, adding pageantry and spectacle.”

sounds like fun, and sounds like i will be exercising my tripod tonight!

back in 2 the grind

i am back at work, and though lots has gone on since i’ve been gone, i don’t feel like i have missed a beat. i am back into it and ready to be challenged, which is a great feeling.
tomorrow marks my return to the air and .. i don’t think i mentioned before that resonance has been extended to 2 hours for the summer! it still starts at 3 pm and goes til’ 5 pm (PDT).
choon of the moment: Dave Gahan – Dirty Sticky Floors (JunkyXL remixes) .. oooh is JunkyXL ever doing it lately — his Infusion – Legacy remix was completely massive. while i am on the topic, a starecase remix of dejure – sanctuary is due to be out this week which really quite interests me! wheeeeeeeeeee! new starecase! hooray! no word yet exactly when hybrid’s new album is supposed to be out.
the pictures are from the fat kat’s ‘meow’ at one lounge last night, where a DJ named Tatiana Alvarez from LA was featured… take a look below!

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because of this rather specific British Airways Strike, we didn’t get to see sasha last night in blackpool. you would think that an airline company strike would not prevent you from seeing a UK DJ in the UK.. especially when you made the 3 hour trip that they would need to make just days before. but no. sasha only flys BA and he doesn’t pay attention to the news.. he doesn’t have time for the news.. he is a superstar.
on monday we return to Victoria and attempt to restore our sleeping pattern.

last night in london

it being the last day i spend in london until december, i want to sum up my experience here. the first few days i had friends guiding me around, showing me stuff and it was awesome. i saw some pretty rad things!
but it was not until today that i did some real exploring. the tag excursion doesn’t count because i didn’t find anything. you’re supposed to find stuff when you explore, right? yeah. okay, well, i’ll use that definition for now. it’s what i mean.
i took the tubes to covent garden and went straight to plastic fantastic. i spent about 2 hours in there listening to records, probably at least 500 records. it was a lot. there were many records to listen to there and some very helpful staff. i bought 4 records for them, all superb elite buys. after leaving plastic fantastic, i decided to wander in the direction that i figured oxford st / oxford circus was. i had read on The InterWeb that there was this most kromulent strip of road where both Virgin and HMV situated their flagship stores. indeed, i did find this place. these were the biggest music stores i had ever been in. completely huge. not like costco or anything. i mean, that would be awesome, but it would be hard to fit that kind of space into the locations you want your music store to be (ie: already high traffic, which means high property cost). uh, so but anyway, maybe they were each half the size of a costco. which is still [censored] huge! i bought 3 double CD’s (Chilled Euphoria and Deep and Chilled Euphora, both mixed by Red Jerry, and Painted On Silence, mixed by the mighty Parks and Wilson) from Virgin, and one double 12″ (Garbage – Breaking Up The Girl – Timo Maas and Brothers in Rhythm remixes) from HMV.
after shopping for music, i decided i would walk to regent park. and so i did. it took about an hour or so because i stopped lots to take pictures. i got there and spent another hour and a half taking pictures and wandering around.. it was just gorgeous today. if there is one thing i have to say about london .. it is that their parks are just awesome. london is quite a nice city because of that. i walked into camden town from there and that was that, but all in all i did about 5-6 hours of walking and exploring today. i look forward to doing more the next time i come back!

totally tubular

for some reason i am finding the tube really easy to get around on — more so than the bus. i had a fun and rather full day today.
i went into the tubes.
i went in search of the elusive Tag Records, which is apparently sasha and digweed’s favorite record store here in London. the information i had for the location must have been old, however, as when i finally found the place (it was on a road that was on none of the street maps), it was empty and the phone number didn’t work either. bizarre! that’s too underground!
afterwards i took the tubes to meet up with emily and corinne. emily headed back to prague (or praha, as they say) and i went back into the tubes to go meet up with lee (aka canadian ice) and the End Of The World pub. awww yeah, we were in da pub with a bit more than fifty pence. i spent a rather quick hour and a half with lee and then was back in the tubes to go meet dale andersen. we had japanese beer and japanese food and it was really quite good. then we headed back into the tubes into Greenwich (of GMT fame) and i checked out his music production studio. man, bajwa and dale andersen make some good music, and i received several of their new tracks tonight. i haven’t been able to do any record shopping in London but I don’t even mind because the music that i received from dale is better than most records that i hear in the stores. after that i went back into the tubes and here i am again!