saturday night fever

i sat home last night with a strange feeling of tiredness combined with antsy-ness. is that a word? anyway.. i grabbed my bag, picked up nick and we hit up kube to hang out with yoseff, craig, maria, justin and emmy and all the other regulars.
unfortunately we got there too late and craig, justin and emmy had disappeared somewhere. we listened to yoseff tear it up for an hour and then helped clean up. i took a couple pictures at the end, after the music had finished. my side bag, which holds my camera and my dayplanner/wallet was left a bit open, but nothing usually falls out of there. we left the club and as we were outside, i noticed my bag felt a bit light. i put the turntable and the mixer i was carrying down, and searched through my bag for everything. i felt the camera, my glasses case, and a bunch of magic cards i had had come out of their case so i decided to zip up the bag and deal with it all later.
i dropped off maria, yoseff and then i dropped off nick. i got home and then cleaned up the magic cards that were in my bag, and then i noticed that i didn’t have my wallet/dayplanner in it. uh oh. i looked all around the house and double checked the usual spots. i had to go downtown again to make sure i didn’t drop it on the street or outside the club. no, nowhere, not in 7-11, not anywhere. i cruised near the water on the east side of victoria, since it was around 4 a.m. i figured i would see some glimmer of the sunrise, but no, nothing. i drove up mt. tolmie and still saw nothing. the clouds obfuscated everything. bleeh. i figured i could at least salvage the moment by taking a picture for jim’s weekend sunrise project but there was nothing significant to be captured. yeah. i was tired anyways. so i went home, walletless.
or so i thought! i found my wallet beside my tennis racquet! woohoo!
tonight: xen0fex party, hush, then maybe out to quest for The Photo!

professional radio can be bush league

so, we have an article named ‘Axed U.S. talk jock mystified by MOJO’s motive‘ by David Carrigg.
and we have another article, this one named ‘The Tom Leykis Fiasco and the Canadian Free Speech Fallacy‘ by Rachel Marsden.
besides the allegations that he was a wifebeater at home, there is little reason for any of this to be understandable. and that’s all there is, allegations. he was challenged, and then mysteriously taken off the air. does it matter to him? obviously. what matters to me is the rather strange process which happened that ended up with anyone in canada needing to tune in to an AMERICAN station to listen to mr. leykis. he had the number one rating on mojo radio, a vancouver station which unquestionably used his presence and content to bolster their profile in the vancouver radio world. MOJO program director Tom Plasteras had this to say about the departure of their flagship show:

“the show was pulled because of the time it took to edit it to meet Canadian broadcasting standards and codes.”

come on, too much time to edit a 3 hour show that give you 6 hours of air-time per day? 6 hours? give us a break. Tom Plasteras may think his target market is as dumb as a post, but he oughta give a bit more credit to the people who pay his bills than this. i know how long it takes to edit out 30 seconds of banter. and when you’re editing out banter, you insert commercial space. get real — this is radio. there is no dead air on mojo radio. commercial space means more money.
so he’s trading #1 ratings and even more commercial space than i have ever heard of in for what? what is mojo getting out of this? why? who did this? what? is this an old-boys club manouever?
last year when my show on Extreme 107.3 FM was cancelled, i was far more diplomatic than i needed to be.
when i had heard that there was a new station manager, i was excited for the change. the last station manager had not meshed with the rest of the team (i didn’t have any problems with him personally — and the show enjoyed his full support) and station functionality had grinded to a hault because of lack of teamwork.
i had invited the new station manager (Brad Edwards) several times to come check out the show. it was saturday nights and was the only show in town that effectively featured local DJ’s and international electronic music, constantly on the cutting edge and setting the trend for DJ’s all over the world who listened on our streaming audio feed. our connections were solid with record labels and artists, and it was a well-oiled machine which churned out 4 hours of quality music every saturday evening from 10 pm – 2 am. Brad Edwards approached us and said that the alternative rock format was a brilliant format, and that he really believed it could work.
he never came to check the show out was. he barely understood what alternative rock was. he used the term in quotes. and everyone knew — if jim scanlon was on the way out, then so was alternative rock and the whole format.
i got a call from the times colonist and let mike devlin know what was on my mind, off the record. what was on the record was that Brad Edwards took the show off the air without even a chance to say good bye to our listener base that we had accumulated over the couple years on their station. what, were we going to tell everyone to stop listening? Brad wouldn’t admit that there was a format change on the way but everyone, i mean everyone, knew there was. who was he trying to fool?
as someone who had a top rated show on a station that was sinking, i can imagine how leykis feels about this. granted, it’s just another syndication licence for tom, but the process (?) that saw the tom leykis show disappear from a station with some serious potential is rather disturbing indeed. i am not going to even touch any of the phantom issues that are suggested by some of the media. this is business, and if the dollar isn’t speaking, then really — who is?
and so it is now happily that i do a show called resonance on 101.9 fm with nickgurns, far away from mainstream business decisions and mysterious political effects. i enjoyed the sheer power of commercial radio broadcasting, but now i am having the fun i wanted when i first got into radio. i wont say no to a commercial radio station if their offer is good, but last year i put more work into the proposal with The Zone than it was worth. Al Ford, the program director at the station misplaced my 30 page show proposal (complete with market research, an estimated $15,000 worth) and then decided to syndicate another show for cheaper directly in the proposed slot that we had been talking about. do i believe him? doesn’t matter. that’s business. he verbally agreed to the NDA that was sitting on the front of the report — that is business.
the short and the long of this is that the radio business feels like rockclimbing with clown shoes on, and it appears to be that way too. from some points of view, i may be telling more than they would have themselves, but i operate with honesty and integrity in the business world, and i expect the same of others. if anyone mentioned in this post is ashamed of their described conduct, they only have themselves to blame.
folks, this is the short version.

it looks half decent

i woke up after 9-10 hours of sleep and i feel like absolute hell! i am going to go have a shower and see if things get any better..
the day looks half decent and is probably worth being up for. i sneezed several times in the last few minutes. i think i am allergic to myself!
here is what i came up with last week when i was discussing the kind of comments that could be made by the protagonist in the movie that is To Be Made:
“You are weak! If you were strong, you would know that!”
Nigel Haze is going to do the voice, Formulate / Justin will be playing the masked character who says such lines. so far, that’s all we’ve got.. it’s a start though! i figure Nigel can do some improvisation .. he’s got the right japanamation/superiority complex/samari/bad translation voice. i think this is also a winner from his bundle of creations:
“Your wisdom is self evident … and wise!”
enough about The Movie.. coming soon to .. DJ Freya vs. DJ Nigel Haze. . live and in motion!


my camera is charged. my cell phone is charged. i am ready. somebody phone me with an incredible photo opportunity! digital davin is all up on!
my credit card has also been charged, the van was charged one week ago by an old man in an OLDsmobile who is clearly too OLD to have his drivers licence still, and i am in charge of writing a quote here at work.