this is the first time in some time that i barely have any time!
i had a full day of work, a short visit with just(in) and then a fantastic pasta dinner. after dinner I went for a nice relaxing drive and it gave me a chance to take a few shots.

tomorrow is resonance and our guest is the ever productive rennie ‘dubnut’ foster. dude. this guy gave me 3 CD’s with 27 original tracks that he produced himself or as Futago Technologies with his partner in crime Kan — and a bunch more that he produced with other people as well.. he’s on fire when it comes to production and tomorrow will show a piece of it off.
rennie is definitely one local that i’m very proud to call local. he’s .. doin’ it, you know? he’s got several records out and he’s DJing and churning out the choons.

another first day

and here is another first day of work. nice.
finally. i have a graphic design job.
this is so awesome. i have been looking for more industry experience for a long time, but there was not much of an opening in the market for it. there do not appear to be many employers out there hiring in the field i studied in college for. i thought marketing + info sys / business would be somewhat in demand when i went into it .. i was told it was. i didn’t know for sure, but for some reason everyone seemed to agree at the time. hmmm..
it’s great to be working again. doing nothing drives me craZy!
it’s time to put my skillz to the test..


well i’ll do a big weekend entry but for now i’ll post this picture from just before the concert start at GM place. fantastic performance from coldplay indeed.
i would have loved to have taken pictures inside. many people did, but i did not because it said on the ticket “no pictures, no video, no audio.” i had to respect that, but after seeing many cameras, i got to wondering if that was something that ticketmaster prints on tickets by default. i know not all of the tickets were issued from the same place and so i was wondering if all the tickets had that printed on them.
then i pondered the significance of the notice. why would they say such a thing on a ticket? why would they not want pictures taken? i understand the audio — they were performing new material during the concert that could have been leaked to the internet. and video. ditto. but pictures .. the show was amazing visually. they had one screen up for each band member (4) and the screens were projecting black and white video from cameras positioned around the stage. there were no cameramen, just positioned cameras. the intelligent lighting was rich — very vivid colour and it looked great with the screens and so on.
the opening act was rather bizarre. okay.. there was this band named “the music” who opened. i have heard since then that they are from texas. they played lilith-fair type music, pretty slow and drawn out. that’s okay, that’s good opening music. “the music” was not even on the bill at first, but then we saw a poster that said they were going to be playing. supah. lovely. so “the music” got off of the stage and then everyone was waiting for coldplay to get on.
a band got on the stage, but it was not coldplay. i am not sure who it was. they were not even on the updated bill. they didn’t mention their name — perhaps on purpose. it was one of the worst performances i have ever seen. some rock band with a crazy drummer that barely kept time, a lead singer that danced like a raver, sung like sting in some songs, and james in others, and basically put me to sleep until their final strobe light solo at the end of their set. that was rather irritating.
coldplay themselves were awesome. their set went by really quick, but it turned out to be just under an hour and a half. they played almost all the favourites, except for my favourite song by them which is track 9 (i believe) off of the first album. i can’t remember what it’s called but it’s a good one. there were singalongs, there were rocking choons, and there were mellow choons. 15,000 people were flooded with a spectacular arrangement of yellow lights as coldplay executed their fantastic performance of Yellow. everyone was on their feet for that one. like all the big dj’s, they encored with “clocks,” their own original and brilliant live mix.
it was over before i knew it and that was that. great birthday trip indeed!

planned birthday present

for my 25th birthday i have planned, made and given myself a new website for my new radio show with nickgurns. i planned it out on paper and then went for it. i am sosososo happy with the way it turned out! take a look:
dooooooooood!! thank you to lefty for hosting it and chowning some files. you are Teh r0x0r!
don’t forget to listen to nick gurns today at 3 pm! and record it.. since I can’t! someone! pleeeeeeeeease! 🙂
time to go to vancouver to go see coldplay! woooooo! (and i just packed my tickets.. haha, almost forgot them.)
have a great day everyone! pls k thx!

happy birthday emily!

it’s emily’s birthday today, it’s mine tomorrow!
however, emily is in prague, so it’s already the 23rd, which is my birthday. dude. here where i am, it is emily’s birthday and there where emily is, it is mine. it’s both of our birthdays right now, even though they’re on different days. rad!!!!


ooooooooooooh working on websites is good fun when one has new toys!
i have been macking in macromedia fireworks mx and i believe i have come up with, what one would call, cool [bleep]. i am manipulating shots that i’ve taken with my new camera. i have been doing graphic design for a long time and, i have to say, having your own source of photographs and imagery to play with is probably better than anything else. totally roolish — no more stealing pictures off of the internet for design purposes. i stayed up all night the other night working on this site, trying to make it rad, yet just as functional as this site without looking exactly the same. fashion is not that far from function in my world.
so in any case, it’s just about done, i think. maybe a few graphical tweaks, nothing major though. and all the changes cascade by this point. yeeeeeah!