lefty lost in the trance last saturday night
you heard it here first..
starting next friday, presented by rgm and energy flash, resonance begins broadcasting on friday afternoons on 101.9 FM with hosts ariz0na (me!) and nickgurns! zope.
and… tonight is the first night of kube with yoseff, bedlam and freya! wooooooot! should be awesome!
things are starting to get interesting around here..


i had a crazy dream last night that i was back at work. like .. this week. it was messed up.
i’m going to go drop off a resume now.
the vancouver canucks start their bid for the cup tonight at 7:30. i’ll be cheering them on! will you?

you’re welcome

1:38:42 AM: *** ymerej (default@ has joined channel #Proghouse
2:14:25 AM: ymerej: hey anyone know how good the quality is for pic taken by a 2.1 megapixel camera
2:15:15 AM: ariz0na: 2.1 megapixel only refers to the total pixel count of the camera when taking an image at maximum resolution
2:15:22 AM: ariz0na: it doesn’t really have much to do with quality
2:15:30 AM: ariz0na: it’s strictly for resolution metrics
2:15:38 AM: ymerej: so
2:16:21 AM: ymerej: what your saying is a sony mavica 1megapixel can taken good as good pictures as say a fuji 4megapixl camera
2:16:44 AM: ariz0na: actually no I’m not saying that
2:17:00 AM: ymerej: [ariz0na] it doesn’t really have much to do with quality
2:17:04 AM: ariz0na: what I am saying is that you’re going to get different maximum resolution
2:17:17 AM: ariz0na: do you understand what resolution means?
2:17:21 AM: ymerej: blah
2:17:25 AM: ymerej: yes
2:17:26 AM: ariz0na: ok
2:17:39 AM: ymerej: forget
2:17:56 AM: ariz0na: quality of picture is seperate from resolution ..
2:17:58 AM: ymerej: dont ever become a teacher or person who answer anybodys questions, you suck
2:18:02 AM: *** ymerej has left channel #Proghouse

work it

15 second time exposure with some serious bass vibrating the camera.
saturday night was huuuuuuuuuge! i took about 100 pictures and i’ll post them when i decide which ones should go up. i have looked through them a few times and i am not sure (besides the one above) which ones i like and which ones i don’t like. well, there are a few i didn’t like, so they’re gone. . but that’s 3 out of 100. i do not want to post 97 pictures. that’s too much.

of course, there are other things in this world to talk about. not working today is kind of nice. i mean, i don’t have a job any more! but.. i have stuff to do today:

  • paying a ticket
  • doing taxes
  • submitting the “you’re a star” stuff to bchydro

not in any order. one other thing is ..
i have 4 gigs left on my saturn. i have been meaning to move the user folders over to jupiter ’cause it has 40 gigs free (out of 120) which would free up more space for this site (it’s on saturn) .. probably 20 more gigs. or so. i am just guessing. it would be significant .. also my photolibrary is on saturn and it would be moved over to jupiter which would be good. krishen told me that it is a bit more complicated than dragging and dropping folders.
that was 4 months ago. i have not found out what the complications are.
let me add that to my list of things to do today:

  • paying a ticket
  • doing taxes
  • submitting the “you’re a star” stuff to bchydro
  • finding out what i need to do before moving the users folders over to another drive

see, now i clearly have my work cut out for me. yeah.


yeah this is real snow
so i thought i saw some snow today when i was driving (yet again) on the island highway. i did not.. but there was snow on mt. benson, as not seen above. that picture was taken a few weeks ago in port alberni. kinda pretty eh?

east wellington road, also a few weeks ago
the drive up to nanaimo from victoria feels a lot different when you do it on your own.. maybe it was because last night was the last night that i am driving up to nanaimo to work for power smart. hmmmmmm. i move back on friday.

the only place for me

on the 10th day
i have found the place that resonates a perfect harmony with my soul. i am staying there forever. yes, folks, i am talking about nanaimo. you see, for me, life is not about half decent transit systems. life is not about a place to eat that is open 24 hours. life is not about places to go for coffee other than tim hortons. life is not about indoor tennis courts that charge less than $20 per hour. life is not about smoke free bars or smoke free restaurants.
life is about rockin it out at all times as hard as possible until you just cant give ‘er any more. then you sleep, wake up and do it all over again. that is why i found true solace in this place. there aren’t any rules to stop you!!!