vanilla ice & maestro fresh wes

listen up ’cause the ice man has something to say..
tonight i witnessed vanilla ice and maestro fresh wes turn legends upside down. which .. would make it the sticky wicket. but it wasn’t. although some people that i know that work at the sticky wicket ended up in legends. so, maybe i meant to say they turned the strathcona hotel upside down. yeah. that’s it.
before continuing, be advised that there is some content in this post that may offend some viewers sensibilities.

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hybrid interview #2

hybrid shirts do exist..
i didn’t have a blog last time i interviewed Hybrid, but if i did, that entry would have been very interesting. in any case, it looks like i have an interview with the boys from Hybrid on friday night before their show in Vancouver. I’ll be doing the first show of Resonance on 101.9 FM on friday afternoon at 3 pm – 4 pm PST and then going straight to the ferries to walk on to the 5 pm ferry. Then we’ll likely take a bus into town (PCL mayhaps) and go from there.
for those of you who know who Hybrid is, i’m putting together a list of questions for the interview now. if you have any questions you’d want to ask Hybrid yourself, put them in the comments section and i may ask them for you!

april vancouver trip

the canucks won the first game against the wild! wooohooo! this one was pretty exciting.. a goal with 1.2 seconds left in the 3rd period by the canucks for overtime and an eventual win not long into overtime. sweeeet. i was not there but i sure would have liked to have been.
man i sure should be a lot more tired from only getting 2 hours of sleep last night, and it being 2 a.m. now and all, but i am not. i’ve got some pix from the trip — not a lot, because we were only there for the day, but some ones from travelling. this isn’t a tour of bcferries, at all, nor is it at all comprehensive when it comes to information about bcferries. this is not meant as a guide for how bcferries was, or will be. it is what one could see today. well now that we’ve got that out of the way you can now take a look at all the stuff you’ve seen before if you’ve been on the bcferries. if not, it’s somewhat pleasant for the most part. confused now or what?

first of all .. this is what kind of ferry runs between victoria and vancouver. it is rather large, for a ferry. it has a 2100 person capacity and can hold around 470 vehicles.

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i’m going for a drive

you know .. having an antenna is great and all, but..
last night jim and I went for a Trance Drive. you know, the kind where you bring your most massive choons and drive to get away from the city, away from everything familiar except the car, a friend, and your camera (of course!)

weirdness at 69 km away from victoria!
we ended up just beyond jordan river, where it was daaaaaaark and somewhat gloomy, as jordan river can be at night. at that time, i was hungry and i decided that port renfrew was not something i was stoked about, so we turned aboot and went back to victoria .. well, in the victoria direction, at least.

they tooooooooootally spelled blog wrong here..
we ended up on top of mt. matheson and saw some jagged looking haus. no pictures from there, as the view was blocked by trees and new development. dough.
unrelated things i have to mention:

the goods, well most of them

5 hours on the air overnight does this to me. it’s been a while.
we started the show with some good old formulate, tilt and jay kaufman:

  • Formulate – This Is How It Happens
  • Tilt – Sirens (Tilt Four Motion mix)
  • Jay Kaufman – Brocken Specter

nick and I spun for 4.5 hours continuously.
then the massive set started with nick and I trading off every 3 records; i started with the first 3:

  • Chris Fraser – Possession (Traveler and Quest Remix)
  • Vance Musgrove – Squelch (Original)
  • Dune – Boomerang (Original Mix)
  • Blackstone – Superthrill
  • Subtone Trio – Load (Chab Mix)
  • Sumantri – Diversion (Nukem mix)
  • Stage One – Space Manoeuvres (Pariah Mix)
  • Blue Amazon – And Then The Rain Falls (Ocean Wave Dub)
  • Andy Ling – Fixation (Tarrentella vs. Redanka remix)
  • Pako & Frederick – Western Approaches (Evolution remix)
  • Bluefish – One
  • DJ Nukem vs. Chab – Dayna
  • Freefall feat. Jan Johnston – Skydive
  • DJ Gordon – Moonshine Boogie (Ocean Wave Mix)
  • LSG – Shecan (Henze Mix)
  • Blu Peter – Biological Response (JHK Mix)
  • Orbital – Nothing Left (Breeder remix)
  • Junky XL – Zerotonine (Slacker remix)
  • System 7 – High Planes Drifter (Voyager remix)
  • Carl E Craig – Dutch Drum Attack (E Craig remix)
  • Gibbs – Azure (Hyperion Mix)
  • Satoshi Tomiie – Love in Traffic (Dark Path Mix)
  • Saints and Sinners – Peace (Oliver Lieb Mix)
  • Natious – Amber (Natious remix)
  • Blag – Kids Go Free (Instrumental)
  • Malcolm McLaren – The Bell Song (Parks & Wilson Lakme

  • Orkidea – Unity
  • Mara – One (Hamel remix)
  • Tilt – I Dream (Tilt’s Ressurection Mix)
  • Ispirazione – Psalm
  • Planisphere – Deep Blue Dream
  • Alex Whitcombe & Mike Marshall – Born Again
  • Accadia – Into The Dawn (Ambient mix)

emmy shows us unity. (picture by lefty)
the mp3’s wont be up until at least tomorrow as lefty is patching the .aif’s together. the show was recorded directly to my computer, but my harddrive is formatted with hfs so i had a 2 gig max file size. 🙂

resonance sneak preview

myself and pete tong (real)
tonight i am back on the air for the first time in just over a year. starting at 1 am PST, the resonance sneak preview will be broadcasting in victoria on 101.9 FM. if you’re on the ‘net and far away, you can still listen by listening to the real audio stream.
your hosts are nick gurns and I!!
so.. let me fix that picture..

me and nick gurns (not as real)

nick gurns and me (real)
the actual show will begin not this week but the next, on fridays from 3 pm – 4 pm PST. woooohooooooooo!!