destruction of legacy

hey, watch where you aim that thing! last night we played breaks, progressive trance and progressive house at the press room! we being myself and brad copeland.. who used to have a website but i can’t find anything current for him. anyway, he rocked the house and djFil opened up with some pretty awesome tracks.
lots of people came out from work – let me see if i can name them all:

  • emily
  • chelsea
  • dave
  • holly
  • cynthia
  • jesse
  • ryan
  • matt em
  • lea
  • kathryn
  • katherine
  • treva
  • steph
  • erin
  • paula
  • anastasia
  • sarah

and a lot of peeps from victoria:

  • mina
  • craig
  • jim
  • julie
  • nick
  • ben
  • kevin (though he’s technically been transplanted to nanaimo)
  • dylan
  • morgan
  • dean (off a ship)

the memorial arena finally tumbles down in victoria.
the reason i remember all of these names is because i haven’t had a good gig in a long time. it pretty much made my night seeing all of these people together at the same time! it was fun to dj again.. i didn’t get to play some of the songs i wanted to, but i definitely played some of my favourite tracks. there were some questions about the songs i played last night.. some were new, others were not at all.. one of the better received tracks was 7 years old! crazy! rad. zope.
after the club closed down and everyone cleared out, i went to a bit of a gathering with craig and brad at roxie’s appartment. it got pretty silly. cap guns were involved.
bowling tonight.
70’s clothes.
gotta find some.
that is all.

bright areas of my life

how many compact fluorescent bulbs does it take to screw in a lightbar?
i walked 2.5 hours in the snow tonight. by choice.
sunday night i am djing at the press room with brad copeland.
i have monday off. my bowling team is bowling monday night.
there’s a potluck dinner on tuesday.


sand on the beach at goose spit, comox
when you read a blog, you are reading [sometimes] some pretty detailed part(s) of a persons life. you can get a pretty good look at someone this way, and get a good angle on someone without even so much as ever meeting them.
same with any face to face conversation, although it is a lot easier to spin a one-on-one conversation in any direction that you are interested in to learn more about the person you are talking to.
i can only say i know a handful of people in this world, and i am acquainted with many. i know of many people. i know only a few. i am not sure how many people think they know me. i know i have revealed different parts of my personality to some people and definitely not to most people.

goose spit, just outside of comox. sounds gross, but it’s quite a nice place.
how long does it take you to say that you know a person? what happens first before you can say you know someone? are you surprised by anything they do? what areas of their life do you uncover before you can say this? do you sometimes realize after quite a bit of time that you actually know a given person? what does knowing them mean to you? is it a pidgeonhole term? do you like to be known or do you prefer to remain without details?
i guess i should answer my own questionaire here:

  • usually several years. uncommonly less.
  • if i know them, only truly special events would surprise me.. everything else would be in character
  • interests, goals, umm .. not sure what else.
  • yes. it became apparent to me within the last year that i know someone quite well. much better than i know most people. maybe better than i know myself.
  • it’s nice to know someone. it means quite a bit, but i am not certain i have the words right now to say what it means.
  • for some people, i think “knowing someone” is close to pigeonholing them. maybe it is for me, but i try for it not to be. when someone that i know does something out of character, it does not mean that i don’t believe it is possible. i do not think i answered my question. guh!
  • i don’t mind being known. i am not sure exactly what integral parts to me there is to know though. i mean .. that depends on who you are.


long day at work

the backyard at work.
for whatever reason, days that start around 11 a.m. tend to just take longer than days that start earlier. i think i like sleeping in, though lately i am not so happy about sleeping extra time in the morning. it was a nice day though — we had tunes blasting in the warehouse and we took care of business.
last night i met up with greg. we drove aimlessly around nanaimo, driving up streets i had never seen before. after a while we started to find coffee shops. we had aimed to go for coffee, but in nanaimo, after 10 pm, that’s a hard thing to accomplish. we probably drove for about an hour and a half before settling on a place that sells coffee but isn’t a coffee shop.
greg lives in a house with a bunch of roommates [such as p-dawg]. by house i mean.. you know, one of those houses. the ones that everyone who has been there before would refer to as The House, being amongst an elite few which deserve such a title. this particular The House used to have a hole in the wall in one of the [now] bedrooms, through which you could see the outside world. it has been covered up, but, aww yeah, this is The House in nanaimo.

looking across cameron lake. tomorrow i work in port alberni. i enjoy the drive there as it is pretty scenic. in fact, the next 3 days i will be in port alberni for work. i’ll be driving back and forth each day, but that’s cool with me!

i saw a bird

this bird is safe.. but am i?
i saw a bird get killed today. i am not sure if the following makes me a morbid person.. but i have seen many birds almost get hit by cars and just narrowly escape. i had always wanted to see the bird get hit, but now that i have seen it, i really wish i had not. it was a car ahead of us that hit the bird and it was really blindsided by the vehicles tires. yuck. i will spare you the image — it was disgusting and it was just awful to see.
i think people are morbid in theory, but when it comes down to reality, it is a different story.
otherwise it has been great, again, to be in victoria. it is such a pretty city in the spring, and as one columnist put it, it is the only place in canada enjoying spring in winter. it is so true. there are blossoms everywhere.
anyway, back to nanaimo. i have not seen any blossoms there yet.. it’s amazing what an hour and a half of driving will do or wont do for your surroundings. nanaimo definitely has a different climate than victoria.


the shadows of darkness cast a shadowy dark spell over the ant kingdom causing at least several minutes of darkness!
can you guess who these shadows belong to?
[hint: one of them took the picture]

lets march .. or drive

kind of a personal question isn’t it? i spent the day in comox at their ‘home show’. good stuff, it was pretty quiet. the best part was that shaw had a booth set up with the canucks game. i couldn’t quite see from where i was but i got to glimpse every now and then.
on my break i went down to the beach and it was beautiful. got some more shots in, amongst them a really cool one of Some Sand and A Bunch Of Rocks. etc. the break didn’t last long enough.

there were all sorts of businesses at the home show. the drive back at dusk was pretty and relaxing. it was pretty relaxing. there’s something i really really like about driving on highways. i didn’t have a CD player but the radio did just fine with the hockey broadcast keeping me company along the way. steph fell asleep half way through the journey. yep, pretty relaxing.
ahh driving.