live from chemainus

not really live or real time, but this is a periodical that broadcasts from different places. wait, it doesn’t broadcast.
like the contradiction of
above, i’m doing
my update today from
an internet cafe on the main
drag of chemainus and i
think that it’s beautiful here
and you all will see when
i upload my pictures

to atlin and back

myself and anastasia (as seen above) left nanaimo airport on tuesday morning and arrived in vancouver just in time for lunch. actually we had 3 hours there, so we wandered around the mall errr airport a bit and were harassed by visa salespeople. this picture was taken inside of their milestones where i acquainted myself with the habanaro sauce. mmmm crazyhot greenstuff.
after brunch, we spent an hour looking for travelchess in any one of the giftstores and eventually found it. we never ended up playing chess, but at least i have travelchess now!
we met up with john, randy, paul and helen in vancouver, whom with we would be working.

the gang flew out of vancouver on a boeing 737 and cruised at 25,000 feet for 2.5 hours, arriving in whitehorse at about 3pm. we were greeted in whitehorse by dreary weather and mild temperatures. we drove two hours south on the alaska highway and another road to atlin. we unloaded our stuff after having dinner and then set up our presentation material at the town hall which was located in the local recreation centre. we stayed in quite the lovely bed and breakfast!

the scenery was immense. this is only proof that i was there. the next picture will show you some scale.

that’s anastasia on one of the docks on atlin lake. the lake is frozen about a foot deep. deep enough to stand on but i didn’t really feel like taking a chance in that area. warm springs spot the lake and could thin the ice in any area.
time went by really quick on wednesday, the presentation day.

guess what this does!

after tearing our presentation setup down at the end of wednesday night we went curling. i had never done it before and was amazed at how difficult it was to throw the rock properly. it takes some skill! we were pretty tired and had a long day of travelling ahead of us.

i woke up before anyone else and went for a walk. this was just outside of the bed and breakfast we were staying at.. just a pickup truck driving by. we were on the road soon after breakfast and in whitehorse for 10 am.

hello whitehorse.

we flew back to vancouver in this rad ultraquiet quadruple turbofan engined british aerospace plane. so cool.

the rocky mountains.

we flew along the coast until we found this place again and landed.

flying back into nanaimo we saw the slow version of a trip to the island. i like this picture a lot.

thursday at 4:35 .. we’re back!

valentines day

awwww yeah!
so, on another day (like maybe tomorrow) i am going to do an atlin trip post. i will detail some things. and not some other things, like zoodip.
happy valentines day everyone!
ps: moveable type has been doing some odd thing when i post from work. it is changing the status of my posted post from published to draft when i log out. not sure why this is but i suspect it’s something to do with duplicated login cached cookies. in any case, it’s not a big deal, just annoying.. i haven’t had that problem anywhere else but at work.

ascend or descend?

is this going up, or is it going down?
wtf??! is that the moon?!!
yeah. haha.
tomorrow morning, myself and anastasia leave for atlin.
so, it says here that our flight to vancouver leaves at 8:40 a.m. it also sez that we have to be at the airport a full hour before the plane leaves or we might lose our seats. ohkay. so we must be ready to leave at the airport at 7:40 a.m. why don’t they just say that?
we arrive at vancouver international airport at 9 a.m.
we depart from vancouver international airport at 12:30 p.m.
we arrive in whitehorse at 3 p.m.
i think i want to buy a travel version of chess so that myself and anastasia can kill some time that way. it’s a bit healthier than eating for 3 hours. plus for some reason i think that chess would be fun to get into again. not that i was really into it before, but i sort of was interested. i know the rules.. but none of the strategy.
well, here comes some seriously cold weather.
today was fun! i did some media stuff with the mayor of north cowichan (jon) and the mayor of duncan (mike). that was fun. with the media there, i got to see this goliath of a canon eos. a fellow from the newsgroup named andrew had one. i didn’t really get a good look at it, but it just appeared to have so much stuff going on. neat. my g2 looked like a baby beside it.
i was interviewed by the shaw folks, there was a reporter there too. all sorts of hubbub and hooplah! good times, good times.
i don’t know if i will be able to update from atlin, so i’ll talk to you all on thursday.


today was super relaxing. a nice drive up to qualicum bay and the lighthouse community was just what the doctaur ordered.
i can’t figure out why i am sneezing so much today. hmmmmm. atchoo!!
enough of the present, lets talk about the future.

i’m getting a cell phone. after many years of putting this off, i have decided that it is time to do it. waiting in one place for a phone call has taken up too much of my time and i’ve had it with missing messages. though i haven’t missed any messages up here, i have no idea how many i have missed in victoria over the years. plus if i am planning on doing some contracting when i get back to victoria, i better not miss a single message and i better have them all in a reasonably timely manner.
i might sound bitter, but i am not really. i enjoy not having a cell phone a lot of the time, simply because when i am out doing something, i am not being interrupted by a phone. but.. you can turn ringers off.

even more new shoes

no folks, it doesn’t get much more exciting than this. i got more new shoes. the ones i couldn’t get in aldo in victoria i got in aldo in nanaimo. the last pair. noice one, me! i’ll post a picture .. later!
so as you can see, i am dying to play tennis again.

i guess the tennis racquet everywhere kind of gave it away. i got a new grip on it and some new topspin strings. last sunday when i played tennis with nathan it was just too cool. it’s been a long time for both of us and it was just awesome. the last several years i’ve been stuck to [my] computers and other lazy social activities. most of my friends just enjoyed going for coffee and all that kind of stuff. i still love doing that but physical activity is so much more gratifying and it doesn’t leave you buzzing on caffeine or whathaveyou at the end of the night when you should be exhausted enought to sleep.

me and nathan are planning on going back to an indoor facility to partake in more tennis-like activities. we’re also planning on bringing his laptop, his usb audio input device, and a couple of mics to record samples. the sounds made in the tennis bubble is just too zope. nathan has also been hooking me up with some serious samples which is just great. i have much to listen to when i return to victoria, that is for sure.