entry 200

200 posts of junk!
so, i was thinking.
banner ads are on the downward spiral of ineffectiveness. there are only a few banners that i would ever click on. the ones i can think of:

  • canucks
  • hybrid

how about you?

9 thoughts on “entry 200”

  1. I’ve never seen those pictures except on the canucks homepage and on the dist’nctive (whaaasssup with that “‘”, anyway!? =)
    The only banner I would ever click on is a geocities banner, and then I would only click on it while at a geocities webpage. Why? Because! That’s all you ever see at those sites, they cover everything! =D

  2. *gasp* you mentioned Hybrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you know that Brent C. had a chance to bring them in but declined because he didnt know if people would come!!!! I emailed him and pleaded but alas, he said prolly not :((( I can sympathise with his reasoning …… BUT, c’mon…. it’s Hybrid. I was at a loss for words, and couldn’t respond with more pleadings

  3. I would click on a banner that said, “You have won a thousand dollars! Click HERE for details!!!” because, you know, what if?
    Also, one that said, “Attention Aaron Dragushan. Clicky clicky.” That’d kinda catch my eye too.

  4. Aaron, good question. I’ve been away from my design studio for some time, so it’s on hold until I get back. Haven’t forgotten though! 🙂

  5. i would click on the banner ad that said… well. hm. actually I can’t think of one. maybe one that said “krishen, free ultrastar 175s!!!”.. or something. hehe.

  6. I have long ago filtered banners out of my vision. I actually am taken by surprise when I notice one. Usually it is a Blink Blink Flashy Flashy banner that goes against all design and colour guidelines, and annoys the hell out of me.
    Canucks, I would click thee.
    Ps. Dub A, haven’t you seen the ‘you have won a thousand dollars?” ones. They annoy the hell out of me too 🙂

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