here i am

in nanaimo! wooooo! i went for a walk with my Auntie Arlene to see where I would be working.. it’s about a ten minute walk from where I am living. tonight I think hitting the press room would be fun, and then sleeeeeeep. 🙂 oh and i don’t seem to be able to check my […]

deep dish

haha 🙂 krishen left for florida (again) today. sunday i leave for nanaimo. so anyways, i recorded my mix last night. but i didn’t turn the webserver (this webserver) off before i did it. i should’ve. i had many visitors last night and there are some recording glitches because of it. ugh, so i have […]

recording time

the decks are all set up and it is time to do my second proton radio mix. this particular mix is a featured artist mix and it’s going to be aired on proton radio on January the 8th. that’s a week yesterday. the thing that will be extra super cool and elite about this mix […]