entry one hundred and seventy eight

on a spur of the moment decision (is that redundant?), i decided to go back to victoria for monday night and tuesday day with emily. it was so relaxing. jebus it was nice. i think it was monday day time at the office when i yelled out “arrrrgh!! i miss victoria!”

so, i have that bug out of my system for a little bit anyway. back to work in the morning and hopefully i’ll get a better sleep tonight than i have in the last few nights that i spent in nanaimo.

that view is up on mt. tolmie from last night. i haven’t been updating lately, but that’s not because of lack of things to write about.. it’s just because i’ve been doing lots of stuff!

last week i went snowboarding up on mt. washington for the first time and i can’t wait to go again. i need to do some more working out before i hit the slopes once more but it was great fun and some more lower body strength will definitely help on the turns and stops. anyone can go fast down a hill.

as you can see, i also went rock climbing. that was a great work out and lots of fun. we went at this place called ‘the romper room’ and i definitely want to go again. it was my first time doing the indoor rock climbing thing.

devon, if you’re reading this .. you should go indoor rock climbing if you haven’t. . i think you’d love it. it rocks. haw haw!

also, we did our first set of elementary schools last week and it was good times once more. half the battle this time is not getting lost in nanaimo.. haha.

last night myself and jim went around with a spotlight and the G2 to see what zaniness we could perform with some darkness and time exposures.

we didn’t have a lot of time to experiment so i think we’re going to have to try again soon. like next time i come into town on sunday or monday! or even saturday night!

i haven’t seen it yet, but word on the street is that i’m in an interview in the local paper for the powersmart stuff. 7775 people came to see us in 3 days at home depot. that is 15550 lightbulbs that we gave out. yowza.

this is what i would call the “whut” expression. it’s not a gurn, it’s not a smile. it isn’t unhappy, and it’s not joyous. anyway. at this moment, myself and krishen are both at 178 posts on our blogs. neat! he writes more frequently than me .. he started his blog after me, so yeah. he caught up. and here i am saying “whut.”
like i said in a previous post .. last week had its up and downs, but it was really, overall, a great week.

psyt elite

so that red thing from that last post, that’s an LED red traffic light. neat huh?
this picture above is from the midnightblue photo series. it’s of brentwood and sidney from the malahat lookout. r0ck.
it’s been a pretty up-and-down week for me, but it’s been a good one despite some of the unfavourable events that have occured.
word to the mother bird.

listen, punk

i went rockclimbing for the first time tonight. it was awesome.. and i managed to get some pretty rad shots after my hands gave up.
snowboarding yesterday, rockclimbing tonight .. that’s two new things in two days. tomorrow i don’t work until 3 pm so i am going to sleep in a bit and go to the mall to get my tennis racquet restrung. sportchek does it for cheap.
i’m pretty tired from the day. a bit sore from snowboarding but not too bad.. i was up at 6:45 to go to work, i did the event lead at canadian tire, did an hour of overtime, and got more sore from rockclimbing. but it’s that good kind of sore. yeah!
so, listen punk.. have you seen these people?

and so i snowboard

there’s a picture of me from this morning where i totally look like a surfer dude. except without .. well, you know, the surfing. i’ll have to post the picture next time i make it to victoria. which .. will be .. i am not sure. auuuugh, i need a usb port in nanaimooooooo…..
hmm, that got me thinking for a few minutes there.
this evening, myself, emily and saila went for dinner at Gina’s. it was awesome. totally gooder.
and tomorrow, we shall snowboard. awww yeah. i got these new zope airwalk snowpants for the event. they’re so cool i’d wear them anywhere and everywhere. well i’m not sure about that, but they’re definitely boss.
anyway, the mullet wig seemed to be a big hit with all the kids at brechin elementary. as they say in fubar, give ‘er. and that’s what i did.
turn up the good and turn down the suck!


i’ve had a headache the last couple days and have found it hard to write. or think. i took the morning off work and then i felt okay. i feel somewhat better today but i think it’s going to be another early night!
other than that, we have my first set of school skits to go to. wheeee!!
tomorrow i am going shopping for ski pants because i am going snowboarding for my first ever time on wednesday. i expect to fall over lots.

oh whut fun!

i went to oak bay rec last night to go swimming with mr. gurns. they had something there called “MEXICAN FIESTA NIGHT” where the kids bash the crap out of a pinata. yowza. i don’t think i have been to an ‘everyone welcome’ swim in some time. it made me feel mature, or something.
it is a lot different then going swimming late at night. there are kids everywhere. tonnes of them. at night, you only have a handful of people. so, that was fun, but night swimming is far superior.
after that, I went to see “catch me if you can” .. pretty entertaining movie. i recommend seeing it. all the acting in it is great and the storyline is good. if you like movies with getaway scenes, you’ll love this one.

i caught a ride back up to nanaimo with andrew. that’s him on the right with cynthia on the left. we talked pretty much the whole trip and it went by really quickly. i brought a tripod up with me this time. vua ha ha ha!
anyway.. i’ve done some more research into this town of Atlin. the pictures i could find of the town make it appear quite small. it was difficult to tell exactly how many people live there from the pictures ..
thank you to the person who provided the correct spelling of Atlin, otherwise it would have been hard to find in a google search.
here are some Atlin facts from www.atlin.net:

  • Atlin Population: Approximately 450 permanent residents and 100-200 seasonal residents
  • Atlin Elevation: 2,197 feet above sea level
  • The Movie Never Cry Wolf was filmed in Atlin, as well as several TV commercials and a couple of Hong Kong movies
  • Atlin Lake is the largest natural lake in BC. It is about 85 miles long, and averages 2 to 5 miles wide, although much wider in sme sections. It drains a basin of 4,402 square miles, forming the headwaters of the mighty Yukon River, which flows thousands of miles before hitting the sea
  • Atlin Mountain: elevation 6,656 feet above sea level
  • Theresa Island is the highest point of land in a freshwater lake in North America. Birch Mountain is 4,561 feet above sea level
  • Discovery was also known as Pine City [I am not sure how this is a fact about the city of Atlin]
  • Atlin is the most northern and most westerly town in the province [of British Columbia], located at latitude N 59″35′ and longitude W 133″40′
  • Longest Day: On June 21st, the sun rises at 4:35 AM, and sets at 11:18 PM, giving us 18 hours and 42 minutes of sunlight. This provides a short but intense growing season. It is light enough to take photographs at midnight [w00t!]

pieces of me

being in victoria is weird. i woke up in my bed this morning to wonder if the last two weeks have been a dream. for the first time since i left, i woke up in sunlight .. and everything is the way i left it when i was last here.
except i have mail. and a cheque. woooo!!
it is time to download pictures from the past week. i took some of my favorite shots last night and the night before.
btw, i apologize for the jpeg artifacting in that album and all the other ones too. i’m going to have to change the settings on the import in the gallery app. click on an image twice to see the extra big version of each picture. it looks better.
if you are one of my co-workers and are looking for bchydro photos .. i’m posting those too, just not yet. 🙂
it appears that i’m flying up to Whitehorse with anastasia feb 11th and then driving down to Atland to talk to a town about being powersmart. this is good. i love flying and haven’t flown in many moons. my 3 readers who have been reading this blog since i started blogging will understand the significance of this.
next wednesday i am going up to mt. washington to go skiing for the second time ever in my life. oh booooyeeee!