do you work here?

tomorrow is my last week for the Phase 2 VI PSYT. so far there’s been a few good suggestions for what we should do and have on friday night. some of my coworkers have suggested i bring my turntables upstairs and mix for them. at first i was like “what?” i don’t want to be background music.. but i think they’re actually wanting me to do it, so that’s cool.
another interesting suggestion from julie is twister. haha ok this is something i can say i’ve never done before. i’ll see if anyone at work has The Stuff.
angie’s suggestion is a gift exchange, and something called the ‘egg nog dipping contest.’ haha, that sounds dirty. it isn’t.
i think.
it’s going to be a potluck, so there will be prizes for best dishes etc. plus we’ll get to eat all sortsa stuff! mmmm stuff.
last night i went to see The Seams. morgan from work is in the band and he plays bass for them. it was a good show. they describe themselves as country, but sort of tongue in cheek country. it’s in the lyrics. i would liken them to blue rodeo, so sort of prog country. if there is such a thing.
wednesday morgan is playing with his other band, mourning wood, at steamers. this should be an entertaining show as well!
that’s it for now. i am going to attempt to go swimming tonight.

exhibit a

i have decided to wait until boxing day to get a digital camera. i mean, being this close to boxing day, why not?
the picture above is of myself and angie. i hereby acknowledge the cheesiness of this picture. but it’s good cheese. i work with angie. this coming week is my last week working with her and everyone else. over the last couple months, we’ve become good pals (as displayed in Exhibit A) and i’ll be sad not to be working with her any more. so then, of course we’re going to have an end-of-work-term-party. all 27 of us. on friday i am hosting my first ever (non-birthday) party. so far, what i know i’ll need is this:

  • ghetto blaster
  • paper/cardboard plates
  • ghetto blaster. um, no, i already said that. oops!

obviously i have no idea what i am doing. got ideas? help.

excuse me

i’m going to boot into OS9 to do some mastering in logic audio platinum for some trax that i want to play tonight at chlorine. so, the webserver in OS9 is kinda far worse than in OSX. sorry, but it’ll be ugly for a couple hours.

chlorine shots

i wonder when we’re going to have chlorine shots again?
hmm.. maybe i should suggest we have them again. i think everyone else forgot about them.
tonight, it will be myself, yoseff and NeoFunkcian spinning ze vinyl at chlorine. it will be mostly a night of progressive breaks and a bit of this, that and the other thrown in!
the G2 has dropped another $100 and it looks to be The Camera now. i guess with this added job security i should just get it. i am not sure why i am putting it off.
wow, this is pretty dry. i apologize to my 5 readers for the blandness of this post.