jaguar is done and installed. aww yeah! pretty easy install really.
that picture is a picture of me and jim shooting photos at the same time. creepy eh?
the only thing i can find that isn’t functional now is the stats generator. but .. that’s not incredibly important to me. i didn’t really like it that much anyways.

krishen arrives back tonight!
we’ve been burning craig’s new CD and making a CD cover for it, or at least messing around with ideas for one. neaaaato!

clap not!

i went by the olde radio station this morning to see angie sing. she did a duet first with a nice fellow named ken lavigne (sp?) and then a solo. this was in the name of fundraising for santa’s anonymous, a charity dedicated to feeding hungry families in the winter time, as well as giving toys to kids who otherwise wouldn’t be receiving presents this holiday season.

my friend steve works at cfax now and works the board regularly. here you can see him making a “dj face” while “working the mixer.” i think that’s the face dj’s make when they can’t really hear their own mix and hope it’s coming out alright. haha! steve controls the levels from the seacoast sound studio and puts them on the air. steve has been listening to cfax for a very long time and it’s really cool that he works there now. cfax was the station that steve, myself and matt were listening to during The Blizzard of 96 when we were stranded together at steve’s parent’s place.

steve receives the seacoast sound studio output from this digital mixing board. this board is in a soundproof room adjacent to the main studio room. it’s down the hall from steve. looks expensive, doesn’t it? it sure is. this mixes down the microphones, piano, etc from the main studio room.

the digital mixing board receives sound from this room here. that’s the back of angie’s head. i took a bunch of pictures this morning but i didn’t really get into moving around and getting good shots because i didn’t want to interfere with the performance. this room is very quiet if no one is singing or playing piano or talking or moving stuff around. if i made noise from shuffling around, everyone in radioland would hear it and it would show up in the recording, if they are keeping it.

steve says “hey, it’s easy.. look! no hands!”
this reminds me.. now that i have a digital camera, there’s a project that me and steve were talking about doing some time ago. it would be cool if we did it.

angie’s a pretty amazing singer, i have to say, after seeing her sing this morning. i had to refrain from clapping because we were on the air, and one person clapping would sounds lame. haha. i re-met a bunch of the cfax staff today. some said “i’ve met you before somewhere haven’t i..?” others, like mel cooper, recognized me right away.

and so

and so, last night at chlorine was probably the quietest it has ever been. it was rad to hang out with ria, colin, julie, jim, yoseff, christoph and brent, but we were pretty much the only ones there. it’s nice to hang out with friends, to be certain.

i liken working the door of chlorine to being a lighthouse. i mean, you see the traffic, or the traffic sees you, but there usually isn’t much of it and it comes few and far between. time goes by slowly.

christoph, the winner of the hush dj challenge, won a roland 808 for his efforts. he was headlining chlorine on this monday night and played a great set of upbeat tribal prog with a bit of funk added in. enjoyable set for sure, i just wish more people could’ve heard it. man, i really miss my radio show at this point.
playing records is fun, and there is an art to it that is very satisfying. it’s exponentially more satisfying when there are people there to enjoy it though. mondays just don’t seem to be where it is at.

maybe it’s because everyone’s asleep on monday nights. i figure that time or day is as important as location when it comes to clubs. if you’re in the boonies, you’re not going to get many people coming out to your club. if you’re on monday nights, same thing. mondays are the boonies of the week. we’ve asked for a chance to do chlorine on any other given night of the week but apparently it just wont work on any other night. it’s not working on this night either.

first night

i just got my first camera earlier today, a canon powershot G2. i took many pictures tonight.

the power went out for about 3 or 4 hours today at around 1 PM due to a large wind storm. at 3 a.m., the bc hydro lines men were still repairing. looked like an awfully tough night for them!

shut up you [censored] baby

thanks to our collective swearing and cussing, we had enough money for some prizes last night. i got a bendy loopy straw! woohoo! pictured behind the fundable offences jar is rockin’ randy, a student from ACP who, in all probability, swore more than everyone else in the group combined. thank you randy!
so, about this title .. shut up you [censored] baby is the name of david cross’s new album. who is david cross you ask? i do not know, but the title of his album caught my eye in one of the onion’s top ten of 2002 album charts.
it’s really interesting that someone could sum up a year or so’s worth of creative work and theme it or sum it up with a phrase like “shut up you [censored] baby.” maybe he whines a lot. maybe he whines about other people whining. maybe he just kicks ass and thinks everyone should. we can all kick eachothers asses then. it would balance out, right?
in any case, i did a little reading up on it, and its supposed to be some sort of comedy about how most comedy is not funny. i was close! as trashy as it sounds, well, i want to hear it now. it is interesting that someone would pick this way to represent themselves. i think it’s one of those things that is good from far, but possibly far from good. if he thinks that making faggot jokes is funny, or that the formula for true hilarity lies within treading along the usual taboo subjects, then he’s a moron. but i guess i’ll have to hear it now to decide for myself. one thing is funny for certain – listen to the samples on the shut up you [censored] baby album page. haha!
from the subpop website:

To see such an outcast (you try growing up [as] a wiseass Yankee Jew in the deep south with nothing but sisters to get your back) talk so much negative [bleep] about people with so much venom, and to have it come out as a heart-warming example that we’re not alone and we all feel ostracized by virgin secretaries, is something only a huge [censored] faggot like David Cross could pull off. (Just kidding.) (About the fag part, I mean.)

the last day

that’s it. that was our last day at the victoria wave of the PowerSmart Youth Team for fall 2002. we cleaned up and cleaned out. click on the image above for the full 2.0 megapixel resolution.
tonight i hosted my very first party. i think it went well!
anyhow, i am falling asleep writing this so i think i’ll be calling it a night around now. good night everybody!

so what do you want to catch?

tomorrow is the last day of work for the victoria power smart youth team. woohoo! i am happy, yet i am sad. as any of my regular readers or any of my friends would know, i’ve really enjoyed this job and it really went by quickly. i had my post-employment interview today and that’s when it really felt like time had evaporated.
my endofterm party is tomorrow evening and i’ve barely begun to clean up. everybody seems to be moving or cleaning up, or both.

in other news, i finally figured out how to use the macro on the fuji cameras at work. i suppose this will be useful for next term in nanaimo! speaking of nanaimo, it seems apparent to me that i will be doing a lot of reading and working out and such up there. i mean, what else is there to do in nanaimo?

just another manic monday

so here it is, 8 am on monday morning. its going to be a long day for me, working here at bchydro this morning and then at hush tonight. yeehaw!
angie says: yaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwn
pretty much that’s how it’ll go today. we’ll probably find our own jobs to do, much of it probably involving cleaning up the mess we’ve made over the last few months. better done sooner than later.. like, friday afternoon when we all want to leave, yet we don’t, but we would if we had lots to do still.
angie nods her head solemnly as i type this.
it’s just so true.
dave’s words of wisdom for today: don’t play leapfrog with unicorns.
robin’s words of wisdom for today: don’t eat the yellow snow.