bowling for dollars

i had a wicked day at work. We were at Oaklands Elementary, which is where my dad works as a teacher. so it was kinda funny to be teaching his class about being powersmart after my dad had spent the last 20 years telling me to turn my lights off. hahahaha.
i was slated to do the play tomorrow with David and Angie. i had already talked with the two of them earlier (on Saturday) about it and we were pretty excited to do the skit together. however, i found out today that i’ve been moved to another school! so i wont get to do the play with them. drat. πŸ™
it’s really cool being a part of a large group. you get to work with so many different people and every group has a different dynamic in any given setting. it’s quite interesting, actually.
i was over at braeden’s tonight. we were mixing it up. we were only an dual-RCA-to-headphone-jack-adaptor short of shoutcasting the session. i had even brought a mic so that we could do shout-outs! alas. perhaps next time.
so then, i played arctic exploration on braeden’s sound system and the result was much more encouraging than monday night when i played it at hush. i think that hush may not necessarily be a great place to sound-test tracks, as the EQ constantly needs tweaking on the sound system as the main volume increases or decreases. it sounded really muddled on monday night, but after tonight i’m feeling good about the track. monday i was pretty blah about it. blah.
oh to be hybrid. haha. πŸ™‚
speaking of hybrid, their new songs Gravastar and Celebrity Science are rather massive affairs. love me some hybrid. mmm hmm.
tomorrow evening i am going to see bowling for columbine. who has seen this already? who has not? what did you think? what did you not think? how would you know that you didn’t think that without thinking about it?


i have done nothing today, except for a small record order from HTFR. and that isn’t really any big accomplishment. i disputed a parking ticket over the phone, and i need to go to the store to pick up some stuff.
it was kinda weird. i played the first two hours because yoseff decided to take the night off. jim was hanging out for the first hour and a half and then left. there were about 3 people there for my set. at 11, when braeden went on, about 20 people showed up all at the same time. strangeness. i’m glad they were there for braeden.. i’m getting used to playing for no one. its disheartening at first, but after you do it a few times you realize that DJing is straight up work sometimes.
the set i played last night was really dark. dark darkness and darky dark. the few people that were there didn’t leave — they seemed to enjoy it. a few of the spec people showed up and it was good to see them.
now back to your regularly scheduled business.


today i am going for coffee with a friend who i have not hung out with in some time. this some time is .. at least a few weeks, but for some reason it feels like way longer than that.
every time we go for coffee it is really enjoyable. this person has a different perspective than me on a lot of things, which i really appreciate. i have found our conversations to be refreshing and sometimes even inspiring.
when we go for coffee, i usually drink tea. going for coffee doesn’t mean drinking coffee. it just means going to a coffee shop, or a reasonable facsimile, to socialize and ingest discussion or general blatherings. that is what it means to me, anyways. does anyone have any other definitions?
it used to be that i’d go for coffee, get wired up on cheap denny’s coffee, and engage in nonsensical banter about whatever. i’ve been a lot nicer to my tummy lately, not drinking nearly as much coffee. every now and then i have one, but i definitely feel it in my stomache later. meh.
jim just mentioned to me via ICQ that winter is upon us. in victoria, winter means straight up really boring miserable weather and chances of sleet and slush. bah! give me snow, heaps of it!

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002, 12:18 PM, Salvador said :
heaps of it#$(%^#! enough to bury the werld@!$%(%


work was a blast today. we took tonnnnes of pictures and worked on a mega powerpoint presentation.
i am going to go to ben’s place and we’re going to spin records. we usually shoutcast, so if that happens i’ll be posting the url here in about half an hour. πŸ™‚
later tonight i’m going to go see 8 mile. i don’t really have any idea how this movie got 4 stars in the local paper, but i guess that makes it worth checking out, just to see what all the hubbub is aboot.


i was giving presentations in Sooke Elementary yesterday when I saw this sign.
nice. so where does the curriculum focus on this subject of “right”? Great message, but I wonder how safe it is to explore that topic in those grades.
top two interactions at today’s booth in Family Food Mart:
1) old man approaches ketchup bottle stand beside our booth. iDawg tries to initiate conversation. iDawg smiles, and then says “i like ketchup too!” old man stares for a second, and then hobbles away.
2) two young (15ish) girls approach the booth and start talking to me. “are you selling laptops?” they ask. i respond “no, we’re giving away lightbulbs.” one girl smiles and asks “for how much?”

dcc the bread

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Work was good today. Visited Sooke Elementary and put on the skits and the presentations, 2 of each. I am exhausted. Time to nap. And then I’m not sure what. πŸ™‚

entry 106

the potluck was awesome. lots of fun. rodney did an excellent job, was an uber host, and someone even voted for my casarole as being the best dish there! yay! i voted for the sushi though. mmmm that was super.
seems lately i’ve been visiting people and people have been playing host. i can not say that i am sure what that means, if anything. i think it could explain my recent desire to have all my co-workers over for a similar potluck-type-dinner.
when i was in vancouver i picked up the new bjork – greatest hits CD. i also got the U2 – greatest hits double CD. how can you tell that i’ve been buying records the last few years and not CDs? catching up..
the bjork CD has isobel on it, one of my all-time favorite songs. and human behavior. elite. perhaps i should be putting this CD in the stereo instead of simply posessing it. eh? heh.
i have to be up in 7 hours. i thought i had to be at work for 10 am. doh. feck.
well i’m going to lie down and see if bjork can wash away this mood i am in. i have to confess that i have always been a bigger fan of the production on bjork’s songs than her voice in particular. is that wrong? who produces this stuff? hmm time to find out.
isobel: written by bjork, nellee hooper, marius de vries and sigur jon birgir.
human behaviour: written by bjork & nellee hooper
hyperballad: written by bjork, produced by bjork & nellee hooper.
it would seem that she is in cohoots with this ‘nellee hooper’ person!
and now..
..words: human behaviour

if you ever get close to a human
and human behaviour
be ready to get confused
there’s definitely no logic
to human behaviour
but yet so irristible
there’s no map
to human behaviour
they’re terribly moody
then all of a sudden turn happy
but, oh, to get involved in the exchange
of human emotions is ever so satisfying
there’s no map
and a compass
wouldn’t help at all