camera hunt

So, it appears that a great deal of the responses have leaned toward a Canon G2 (which I heard is discontinued) or G3 (which I heard is pricey to the tune of $1300) and not really any responses towards the Fuji Finepix 3800. I think I have to check out what Canon carries in the G series. Uhh, G series sounds like a rap compilation, but that’s not what I meant.
In other news. . I’ve been working, battling a very boring and uneventful headcold, and sleeping plenty. Oh, and I watched Monsters Inc. last night. Very cute movie, awesome animation and rendering etc. Go watch it just for the geek factor, even.


we did our first night of chlorine tonight with Charles Paul aka Noma! He is such a good dj. Damn.
The coffee meet that was supposed to be at Cafe De La Lune was not. I arrived a bit early, but as it turns out, Cafe De La Lame is now closed on holidays. Whut?!?! Soooo lame! I waited in front with all the sketchy people for about 20 minutes. Then Quinten showed up, and we made a sign that said “rave.vic meet has gone to QV’s!” We bumped into Richard on the way to QV’s and we all had coffee.
i have 2 days off! What should I do with these days off, peoples?
Should I:
a) do nothing
b) make music
c) make graphics
d) go to vancouver
e) play it by ear
f) other?

song of the stars

Today I did something really odd. Well, what I did specifically is not that strange, but what it meant was really quite crazy, In The Grand Scheme Of Things.
I’ve been reading, fairly regularly, a blog of someone who has been writing about a new sphere of existence (for himself), a new environment .. in detail. I had been reading about it, being able to actually enter the environment in real life, but had not until today.
So, all of a sudden, there I was, in a world that he had described in many finely crafted words over the last month or so, since he started work there. It was a place I had been to many times before, but for some reason, it felt like somewhere I’d never been before. I guess I had been looking at the place through his eyes, through his words, for the last while. If there is a word to describe this oddness, please let me know. It was almost like being John Malcovitch (sp?). Except.. not.
And so I was asked what I wanted. I managed to spit out an answer after fumbling for words for a few seconds.
I ordered a Jones Cream Soda and an Earl Grey tea.
The writer, or as many know him, Jim, rung up the order and I paid. I hung out for a few minutes and chatted as the store encountered a brief calmness. I thanked him for his service and left.
In other news.. this evening, myself and about 20 of my co-workers from the Powersmart team had dinner at Darcy’s pub. The food was great and the conversation was excellent.. enjoyable stuff. 🙂
Afterwards I went to see Red Dragon. Worth seeing. Go see it. Okay?
Music: I’ve been listening to Dead Can Dance tonight. What an awesome duo they are. Today I picked up the new Conjure One album. Conjure One is half Delerium (Rhys Fulber) and half JunkyXL. Haven’t listened to it yet, aside from the bonus remix CD which features a new Hybrid remix that I hadn’t heard yet (could have something to do with me getting the double CD.) Also, I finally found the Heat soundtrack. Some great stuff on there, including Moby’s “God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters.” Sooo good.
But that’s all for me. Good night. 🙂


i work here
This was a rather odd weekend.
Saturday I worked from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and then went for dinner at Il Terazzo. I ended up going to sleep at 10 PM..
10 PM on Saturday night! Whoah, sounds like I have priorities, or something.
Sunday consisted of work. After work, I went up Mt. Tolmie with a friend from work to go see the Snowbirds fly around and do tricks for The Queen.
Well, there wasn’t much in terms of tricks. They flew around in circles for about 20 minutes in a diamond formation (ooOoooOoOooo) and then flew away. Yay. I guess The Queen likes donuts. It all seems like a bunch of hooplah for nothing to me.
The other day there was actually national media coverage to see The Queen step out of an airplane and hobble towards a vehicle.
Can you believe that?
Good thing we have this media service to cover such exciting events.
Wouldn’t want to miss that.. really empowering stuff. Congrats on the great news finds, media people. I FEEL IT.
Yeah, so anyway..
I am now going to hobble from my computer to my bed.
Good night!


sasha ticket
The Sasha show last night was just huge. The Commodore Ballroom was a great venue. Lights and sounds were great and provided an intense atmosphere for the show.
Sean Cusick was .. sick. Very nice, not as good as Jimmy Van M, but still quite good.
Sasha arrived thirty minutes after he was supposed to go on the decks. He waited a few more minutes on stage before going on to play, which gave me a chance to give him a CDR of five of my music productions. I have my doubts about whether he’ll listen to it, but it is his job.. and the cover for the CDR is quite neat and nice looking. So maybe he will.
As usual, Sasha started at a moderate pace. . by the time he had been playing two and a half hours, it was full on pounding trance. And then all of a sudden, it was over!
I looked at my watch: 2:30 a.m.
Time for an encore, since this thing was supposedly going until 3:00 a.m. He put on his latest mashup — his own “Xpander” combined with Underworld’s classic “Cowgirl.” He played another encore track (sounded like some new Andy Page production, a massive trancey breakbeat track) and that was it.
3 hours went by really quickly. It was supposed to be a 4 hour set .. so I was kind of confused by this “ending early” business. The music was great but it had little or nothing to do with what was on the album Airdrawndagger. Not a single song from the new album was played — I was disappointed by that.
After that, about fifteen of us went to our pal Denny’s where I had a B.T.C.F.S. (a prize for whomever knows what that is) and everyone else ate as well. Then it was to the ferries to catch the 7 a.m. sailing.
I fell asleep for most of the journey back.