That is Ria, a good friend of mine. Ria has been from Toronto for the last two months but I’ve barely hung out with her. d’Oh!
I rented “Showtime” last night, yet another cop movie with Eddie Murphy in it. Also, it is yet another Robert De Niro movie. Now, De Niro is my favorite actor.. so I figured this movie could not suck. I could tell that the storyline really lacked in substance before I rented it, but I wanted to see Eddie Murphy with Robert De Niro in a “zany” comedy.
It was worth renting just to see them squabbling. I don’t know if I’d recommend this movie for everyone but I enjoyed it.
Isn’t it Hallowe’en today?
It is!!
Happy Hallowe’en!!!#$^(@#$)$@()#@##!@!

the winds

The winds may blow, but it is up to us to adjust our sails.
Or something.
I can’t say I remember a day that I was more tired on than last night.
I went for coffee with Jim and Chrissie at about 6:30. At about 6:45 Chrissie says “Wow, you look tired.” That was it. I was suddenly aching to be in my bed. By 7 pm, I had to call it a night and drove Chrissie and Jim home.
I came home and had probably the nicest bath I’ve ever had. Booyah. By around 8 I was in bed. I didn’t sleep particularly well last night but I feel alright today.
So enough about that. A friend pointed me towards a marketing professional position at a media firm that I’m going to apply for. It’s in Victoria too, so that is definitely a bonus!
Arctic Exploration is getting lyrical treatment from Jim and vocals from Chrissie. I’m pretty excited about this .. this is definitely my favorite song to-date and I feel like something pretty special is going to happen here. 😀


Last night at Chlorine was zope. Nickgurns rocked the decks and the masses swayed in true massive fashion. Progzillaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
Today I return to work .. after 3 much needed days off, I feel a jillion times better than I did last Friday.
Oh yeah.. be watching out for a pretty funny blog link on Jim’s website today. Hehehehehehehehehehehe.

tonight tonight

I’m feeling much better.
“Arctic Exploration” is the name of the choon I am working on right now. I have made a version to play at the club tonight and I just finished that about 2 minutes ago. Tomorrow I meet up with Chrissie to talk about vocals for the track.
And now I must go!


by some strange scheduling fluke, i have today (sunday) and tomorrow (monday) off work this week. this is good as i needed to stay home anyway and deal with this health stuff. i think i’m going to work on my new choon today. radcore!
ID modified by chrissie.


well, i spent from 10 pm – 1 am last night in the E.R., and from 9 am til noon also in the E.R. The docs don’t think its anything super serious and have recommended I just rest for a couple days and report back to them on how I am doing if it gets .. badder.
i want to be unbad.


i have had a slight but growing pain in my appendix area for about 29 hours now. it doesn’t feel good. if i pretend its not there, i function normally, but it being there alone is sucking my energy right out. i didn’t see fubar last night because of it.
i want it to go away.


photo by tyson.
i developed a word this afternoon with Randy at The Secret Location.
autodeceptive: the ability to deceive ones self
do you know anyone that is exceptionally good at telling bad lies, and then actually believes them? that person is a good example of an autodeceptor!
oddly enough, it seems that this word is a hybrid of Autobots and Decepticons. that is not its origin, but that sure makes it gooder.
something not autodeceptive: girlrepair is back!


i had a great night last night,
totally by accident!
i had dropped jim off at his place in james bay, and i had to drive through town again to get home. i decided to drop into hush for a few minutes to say hello to all and i’m not sure what else. what ended up happening was me sitting at a booth and having a conversation from around 11 pm – 2 am.
obviously, it was a good conversation, though interrupted a few times. it didn’t quite feel like the conversation was over when i decided to leave.. i guess that’s what it’s like when you’ve been waiting to meet that person for about 2 years.
and now i must work!
have a massive day!